Webinar: Tools and Techniques to Conduct Effortless Online Training


With the increase in remote working and uncertainties of the future, many HR professionals are finding for solutions online to keep the team going and enable training to be switched online.

This webinar shows the various tools and techniques FOCUS Adventure uses to conduct virtual programmes that can be suitable for HR professionals to replicate in their online training sessions.

The session will be conducted by our very own Certified Virtual FAcilitator (Certified by international FAcilitators body – INIFAC)

At the end of the session, attendees will be logging out with information on the various tools and techniques that can be applied. They will be uncovering the various challenges that other HR professionals are facing and coming up with solutions together.


Attendees will also be learning

  1. Online activities to keep the team engaged
  2. Build communication
  3. Understand each other


Benefits of the webinar:

  1. Confidence in conducting an online training or preparing for one
  2. Having some tricks and tips to keep the team engaged
  3. Knowing a couple of activities that can be conducted to discuss about communication, differences, and working together.


Webinar Timeline:

1330hrs – Opening and Introduction

1340hrs – Understanding virtual programmes and how to replicate physical programmes online

1410hrs – Challenges faced by HR professionals in bringing training online

1435hrs – Learning of some activities to work with the team

1450hrs – Q&A

1500hrs – End of Webinar | Networking


Do join us in this webinar to learn together and share knowledge! This will also be a networking session to connect with other HR professionals and finding out their solutions to common challenges!

Only available for the first 100 sign ups.

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