We are a member of raiSE Singapore

In 2016, FOCUS Adventure has successfully re-oriented its business structure towards the social enterprise model and officially become a member of raiSE, the Centre for Social Enterprise.

FOCUS Adventure believes in the importance of giving back to the society by linking up between our corporate clients and beneficiaries. By identifying the needs of the beneficiaries, FOCUS Adventure provides a platform through programmes (The CSR Challenge!) and support through channeling of resources to meet those needs.

Social Mission

- To Facilitate CSR Programmes and Resources between Corporate and VWOs.

Four Key Commitments:

1.    To Facilitate CSR Programmes between Corporate Clients and VWOs.

2.    To Channel CSR Resources from Corporate Clients to Identified Needs of VWOs.

3.    To Identify, Engage and Develop Under-privileged Youths for Employment in FOCUS Adventure through Adventure Learning Methodology and the Alpha Challenge Scholarship, so as to bring about a Higher Self-esteem, Self-confidence and Self-reliance in the Individual.

4.    To Participate and Contribute in the Building of a Community, and the Spirit and Ethos of Social Enterprises in Singapore through Dialogue, Engagement and Process Facilitation.