Walk for Our Children 2015

On 6th September 2015, Singapore Children’s Society organised its annual 3km walkathon and carnival, “Walk for Our Children” at Palawan Beach, Sentosa. Through this signature fund-raising event, Children’s Society aimed not only to encourage family bonding and fun, the spirit of charity was to be promoted as well.

Together with more than 20 organisations, FOCUS Adventure, CAMP CHALLENGE and Outdoor Adventures set up a carnival booth to raise funds for the beneficiaries under Singapore Children’s Society. We set up “The Finger Blaster Challenge!” booth which attracted participants from all walks of life. Despite the sweltering heat, the staff persevered till the end of the carnival and we are pleased to announce that a total of $535 was raised from the booth. We sincerely hope that the funds raised will greatly benefit the beneficiaries.

The experience gained from this carnival was valuable as we do look forward to being involved and contribute in future like-minded events!