Trybe’s Volunteer Appreciation Party 2016

FOCUS Adventure is proud to be the main sponsor for Trybe’s Annual Volunteer Appreciation Party 2016, which was held at our Sentosa Learning Facility on 26th November. The event was held to appreciate the volunteers’ contribution in 2016 and for all volunteers to interact with each other across the different divisions. A total of 30 volunteers turned up for the event, which was themed “Rock & Roll”. The main highlight of the event was our Team Challenge Hourglass, which was very well received by the volunteers. Despite the light rain, the volunteers persisted on and attempted the high elements and the flight line. Thereafter, the event came to a closure with the giving out of the Certificates of Achievement, followed by an awards ceremony for the volunteers. The volunteers were also treated to a good barbeque dinner which they deserved for completing the Team Challenge Hourglass!

Volunteers’ Testimonials of the Event:

•    “I have never done anything like this before. It was very scary but fun”
•    “Jumping off the platform was the most memorable thing. I would probably remember that forever.”
•    “While we did not know each other  in the team, we were supporting each other to complete the obstacles.”