The Team Challenge Hourglass! for EQUAL-ARK Singapore Ltd

On 22nd February 2017, FOCUS Adventure hosted 15 staff and scholars from EQUAL-ARK Singapore at our Sentosa Site. EQUAL-ARK is one of our official beneficiary, and they have helped many vulnerable youths remain engaged in the community through education and employment through their philosophy of equine-assisted learning. The EQUAL Scholars program have benefited over 150 beneficiaries from 30 institutions, allowing vulnerable youths to learn and develop skills in teamwork and social inclusion through specialized frameworks.

The 15 of them participated in our Team Challenge Hourglass, which was the highlight of the day for them. It was definitely a big challenge for many of them, having to face their fear of heights and move together as a team. However, it was heartening to see their support and encouragement for each other, ensuring that no one in the team was left behind.  We believe that this opportunity is valuable to them and to us, creating the interaction which will develop their social skills,  enhance their team bonds and the ability to better control and manage their fears.


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