The Supermarket Race Challenge! for Zebra Technologies

On 4th July 2017, FOCUS Adventure organised The Supermarket Race Challenge! for the Marketing Department of Zebra Technologies. A total of $1,620 was spent on groceries at Giant Vivocity supermarket, and what made it special was that a large part of the amount spent was forked from the participants’ own pockets. This was the 1st time that we had participants whom support the meaningful cause to a much greater extent by donating their own money, in order to buy more groceries for the beneficiaries.

For the programme, we partnered with Lions Befrienders ( for the donation of the groceries. By going through The Supermarket Race Challenge!, the participants from Zebra Technologies were able to purchase sufficient groceries for 48 ration packs for the senior citizens. The ration packs consist of daily necessities which include toiletries, healthcare products like medicated ointment, biscuits, home care products like detergent etc. These were all items that the senior citizens needed, and we strived to be able to match their needs, at the same time purchase as many groceries as possible.

After the programme, we liaised with representatives from both Zebra Technologies and Lions Befrienders, and we delivered the ration packs to 48 different households. The senior citizens were elated to receive the ration packs, and were very grateful to the kind donations from Zebra Technologies.

Below is an excerpt from a representative of Lions Befrienders:

Dear Yueting and Yongjun,

Thank you for today’s ration distribution at Telok Blangah.

We are grateful for your introduction of Lions Befrienders to Zebra Technologies.

I look forward to another partnership opportunities with you.