The Pixel Challenge!

The main concept in “The Pixel Challenge” is for teams to realize that an organization/company is not merely made up of a sum of all its parts, but as one unit, one team, in order to achieve success that exceeds expectations. A paradigm shift is necessary to pull individuals/groups away from the silo mentality or competitive mindset, and set their sights on the bigger picture and the common goal, “The Pixel Challenge” can provide the platform needed for this shift. Teams will be given a picture which they must replicate by painting it onto canvas sheets with materials that must be earned. The setting of the challenge will mirror that of the real working environment, where resources may seem to be scarce until teams decide to share these resources. In doing so, they will soon realize that the picture that they have been assigned to paint is merely part of a bigger picture that the entire team has been tasked to complete. Since only the primary colours are provided, teams will have to find a way to make sure the entire picture is painted with coherence to ensure a beautiful big picture is attained at the end.