The Largest Supermarket Race till date for Life Community Services Society (LCSS)

On 17th February 2017, we hosted our largest Supermarket Race till date! A total of 150 participants from Johnson & Johnson achieved this feat, during their 2017 Singapore Finance Day. The participants raced around Suntec City , attempting team based challenges to earn points. The points were then converted into real money, where they went to the supermarket to purchase as many items as possible. Approximately 30 different variety of items were bought, amounting to about 600 items in total quantity across 16 teams. The items bought included food products such as cereals and biscuits, household products such as plastic utensils and to electrical products such as electrical fans and induction cookers. The purchased items will be donated to Life Community Services Society (LCSS) and we sincerely hope that the donated items will help LCSS in many different ways. On behalf of LCSS and FOCUS Adventure, we will like to give our appreciation to Johnson & Johnson for their contribution and their efforts in partaking in this meaningful teambuilding event, at the same time creating a record for the Largest Supermarket Race ever!