The Jewel Challenge!

Located at the heart of Changi Airport, The Jewel Challenge! will draw the participants into locating different Jewels around the Jewel Changi. These Jewels will be uncovered by teams using an AR App in their phones! Teams will then be bejewelled with all the jewels, and the team with the most number of matched jewels will be the ultimate jeweller!

Teams will have a chance to move around the Maze, Canopy or Sky Nets whilst trying to find for the jewels that are hidden around.  All the participants have enjoyed it and loved every bit of the journey!

What’s more you get to enjoy a new iconic location that becomes Singapore’s next big thing and have fun moving around exploring the place in a fully air-conditioned area!

There are function spaces around the Jewel or at the Changi Airport to cater to your full day meeting arrangements as well!

Running wild on the ideas you dream to do at Jewel for your team? We can make your dream come true – almost! We can run a fully customised programme, with your desires and inputs, for your team at the jewel where the AR Apps will be flashing videos or items of your choice – including your company LOGO!

Drop us an enquiry at if you would like to consider your next programme at Jewel Changi Airport.