The Build-a-Bike Challenge!

Let’s welcome in our latest and newest program FOCUS Adventure would like to offer – The Build-a-Bike Challenge!

This programme is not just a usual teambuilding program, but ontop of all the teambuilding elements that can be learnt from the program, there is also a CSR component in it. The bikes build by the participants will be delivered to a less fortunate kid chosen by the company or some organisation FOCUS Adventure is working closely with.

We delivered two programs with each building about 12 working bikes.

The program started as our usual FOCUS Adventure program; therefore participants who came down had no idea about the CSR element.

When the Build a Bike Challenge was introduced to them, they took it as a competition. Teams went to do fringe activities to earn more materials to build their customised front baskets.

Once everybody got back, and half way building the bikes, teams were told to stop their work and to settle down. This point many were having the “What is happening” look, but listened and sat down facing the screen.

The next thing that happened was a video that was played about a particular family service centre. The video shared about what the family service centre does and how they help the people in need. For this program we engaged Viriya Family service centre whom were so forth coming in helping out with this vision and project. At the end of the video, the main facilitator came to the front and announced to everyone that the bikes that they were building were for less fortunate children where the bikes can mean more than just a bike, but HOPE – The hope to live life to the fullest and to enjoy their childhood. At the end of the speech, everyone was given close to 60minutes to complete their bikes, and everyone sprung into action and started building a bike every child deserved.

In the end, all the bikes turned beautifully well with small messages written on the basket for each kid for them to be happy and not to lose hope.

The final product being delivered to the lucky children becomes of these kind souls!

Note: All bikes were checked thoroughly again for safety reasons before it was passed to the children.