Virtual Adventure Learning Programmes

Webite VALP-12-12

Create opportunities and growth using different dimensions of technology and learn more about yourself and your team.

Join us virtually and experience another level of breakthrough as we take you and your team through a Learning Adventure of Mixed Reality programmes.

Please Click and Downlaod the Brochure (FOCUS Adventure Virtual Adventure Learning Programmes)

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Virtual Adventure Learning Programmes Testimonials :

“I would like to give another round of applause to you and your team for an enjoyable and fun teambuilding session yesterday afternoon. Technology is really amazing. I am glad that everyone had a good time and full of enthusiasm during the challenges.
Thank you for a job well done !”
Allianz SE Reinsurance Branch Asia Pacific

“Very well managed, good job! :)

“Very nicely done, I took notes on the process :)
-Alex Mitchell, CNM, NUS

“very interesting and adaptive with current COVID situation. initially I never thought virtual team building will be effective. but you nailed it.”
-Asda Jupentus Pandiangan, SMU

“Very engaging and informative. Incredible effort from the FOCUS Adventure team to conduct their programme online! ”
-Cornelius Kang, SP

“Very creative use of Google Maps! ”
-Ada, National Dental Centre Singapore

“This was just the best workshop I have ever attended. Thanks.”
-Purvi Jagnani, Singapore Management University

“The virtual team building is very well-planned. Thank you very much :)
-Jason Yeo Xiao Quan, SP Group

“The FAcilitators did a great job of conducting the entire session. All of them were very helpful and were able to guide the participants well. ”
-Amrita Parab, Singapore Management University

“Thanks Sasi, Berwin and Gavin for the great facilitation, and for always trying to keep energy levels of everyone up. Enjoyed my first virtual team-building experience. Wishing the team all the best for the future.”
-Kenneth Tan, MPA

“Thank you to Sasi, Berwin and Gavin for the awesome programme! Enjoyed it!”
-Muhammad Hadi Bin Mohammad, SP Group

“Thank you everyone for facilitating such a memorable virtual orientation. It went as well as it possibly could have. Cheers!”
-Shankkar Magandran, Singapore Management University

“Loved the session! Got to know a lot of people. Thank you! ”
-Rutvi Mehta, Singapore Management University

“Love the inspiring quotes at the start and at the end!”
-Loh Wan Yun, EDB

“Kudos to the team for such a wonderful and engaging experience. ”

“Keep up the good work! :)
-Bryan Tan Jia Sheng, SMU – MAF

“It was a very well organised event. Presenters were very friendly and helpful. Very lively and interactive session. Kudos to the FAcilitators for putting together a great virtual event. ”
-Shruti Maindola, SMU

“It was a very fruitful and enjoyable session. In fact, probably the first time everyone experience virtual team building. It was a successful run!”
-James Tor, SP Group

“It is really awesome and fun session. Thank you so much for having us:)”
-Sherene, SP Group

“I was slightly skeptical towards the idea of a virtual amazing race, but the team was super engaging and made the entire process really fun to go through! Overall, it was a great experience!”
-Andy Lua, Economic Development Board

“Good job to the team at FOCUS Adventure for making the virtual session as fun and lively as a physical one!”
-Alicia Wong, MPA

“Given the conditions… a well orgainsed event. Kudos!”
-Palak Mhasde, None

“Games were fun esp the escape room and those that require some creativity. Overall the amount of questions were just nice and time passed faster than I expected. Enjoyed myself thoroughly! ”
-Denise, EDB

“FAcilitators and Organisors are really nice and efficient. Thank you for organising the event!!”
-Liu Yushan, SMU

“Enjoyed the session today, learnt alot especially during the team games:)”
-Koh Shaoqi, MPA

“Berwin and Gavin’s energy was contagious!”
-Paul Huberts, SMU

“As always, good experience!”
-Sofia R Morales Tellez, CNM