The Shackleton Challenge!

Virtual Adventure Learning Programmes-21

You are now part of the famous explorer Shackleton’s team!  Unfortunately the ship cannot move further due to the crack on the hull!  Only essential items can be brought on board the ship to continue the journey.  Otherwise, the ship could sink along the way and you cannot bring everyone safely to shore! What would your team decide to bring?

Teams will go through this 90 minutes activity with a need to discuss, conflict manage and make sound decisions.  Debrief sessions will be carried out towards the end of the session for participants to share what they learnt from one another and be able to apply what they learnt in their work processes.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Learning Outcome:

  1. Communication and Decisions Making
  2. Better Understanding and Knowing of One Another
  3. Maximising of Resources
  4. Conflict Management