The Roller Coaster Challenge!

team building

Team members will have to work together to design a fully operational roller coaster. There are no fixed manuals or custom – built kits to stifle ones creativity. The provided materials are plain, raw everyday items so the team would be impelled to create! Only with precision engineering and the laid of gravity will the ball successful and safely travel through the entire rail system.

Parallels to the Real World:

Amazingly, the UPs and DOWNs in any roller coaster ride are synonymous with fluctuations in the world economy. The Roller Coaster Challenge! enables the team to discover various means to manage the inevitable factors and the dynamics of the team during the process. Making relations to some real time scenarious in the organization thus illuminating the concerns that are affecting the staff members and learning from each other and how as a team they could cope with this downturn. The experience of attaining success truly bonds the team, as would an exciting roller coaster ride bond thrill seekers!

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