The Ready Set Action Challenge!

Virtual Adventure Learning Programmes-16

You and your team will design a short film using all the personal gadgets that you already have on hand such as mobile phone and laptop!  With given roles, responsibilities and a topic to work on, each team will strive to come up with the best video.

How do you make a video when everyone is in a different location?  That is the challenge!

You will be given “tools” to capture your video and to edit them.

The Ready Set Action Challenge! is designed to bring out the creativity in individuals and to learn how to create more with less!  To go beyond the paradox, attempt to create something by breaking barriers!

During the 90 minutes long activity, teams will come together to design their video and go into a video marathon!  After the video marathon, we will then present awards and see who emerges as Best Actor/Actress and Best Screenplay!

Duration: 90 Minutes

Learning Outcome:

  1. Creativity and Thinking Out of the Box
  2. Maximising of Resources
  3. Paradox Thinking