The Pixelated Challenge!

Virtual Adventure Learning Programmes-22

Be mind blown in this exciting online activity!  It will make you get rid of the virtual barrier and feel as if you are working physically side by side with your colleagues!

The objective of this activity is to form a specific shape together as a team with the clues earned by completing the fringe activities.  There will be a final element to the activity that will give you a paradigm shift.

The Pixelated Challenge! is designed to strengthen communication amongst team members, especially during this period!  Everyone will learn the concept of the big picture and how they can all fit into that big picture.

Participants will be put through a 90 minutes activity of fun rollercoaster ride.  Teams will apply what they experienced from the activity to their work processes in breakout sessions and pointed discussions on behaviours and actions.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Learning Outcome:

  1. Strengthen Communication (Virtually)
  2. Opportunities and Possibilities of Seeing the Big Picture