The Masterpiece Challenge!

Virtual Adventure Learning Programmes-15

The objective for this activity is to remember a masterpiece and create a replica of it!  Not all team members will get to see the masterpiece, each team will send a representative each time into a virtual room to take a look at the masterpiece and return to build their own in the same replica in the shortest time possible.

The Masterpiece Challenge!

Sounds simple?  Not exactly, as there is one saboteur in the team whose job is to ensure the team does not achieve the objective!  Who could be the saboteur?  How can the team still achieve success even with the saboteur around?

 The Masterpiece Challenge! is designed to build trust even when the odds are against the team, create stronger communication with an emphasis on essential pointers to be communicated and understanding the difference between the big picture and the small picture.

During this 90 minutes session, teams will go through the activity and get together to discuss their experience on how they can apply their learning back to the organisation in their work processes.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Learning Outcome:

  1. Build Trust
  2. Enhance Communication
  3. Understand the Difference in Seeing the Big and Small Picture