The Incredible Google Race!

Virtual Adventure Learning Programmes-13

Get your finger socks on as the race to dive deep into Google begins!  You will be split into teams of 4-5 pax and the team will need to strategise on finding the answers to a set of questions asked.

Explore around the Google forest and try to locate the right answers for the questions.  But be careful, as there can be fake answers out there!

Teams with the most number of points will emerge victory.

 The Incredible Google Race! is designed to manage team ideas and to create overlapping ideas.  It also evokes innovation in finding the answers and decision making, especially towards roles and responsibilities.

During the 90 minutes activity, teams will run out into the Google forest and search for answers.  Once back, everyone will talk about their strategies and discuss on what makes them a winning team.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Learning Outcome:

  1. Idea Management
  2. Innovation
  3. Decision Making