The Hybrid Race Challenge!

100 participants
6 countries
3 different time zones
1 activity

We recently conducted one of the most exciting programmes in FOCUS Adventure, The Hybrid Race Challenge!

Due to the restrictions, many organisations with offices in multiple offices could not come together for a teambuilding session. Fortunately, in FOCUS Adventure, we always like to challenge the notion that “physical teambuilding is not possible now”.

So what do we do?

We developed a programme that enabled people from different countries to participate together all at once physically!

We had participants dialling in from 6 different countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. They all met physically together within their own countries and connected virtually to listen to the race briefing!

The beauty of the programme enabled everyone to feel like they were all competing together even though they were in different locations.

The idea that they could go out and do something physical got everyone excited and enabled a great learning experience!

Participants had to buy “properties” and do challenges while at it. The competitive spirits of all the teams were so great that it was difficult to pinpoint one team that would win it all!
At last, the activity ended, and everyone dialled back into Zoom for closing and debriefing. The participants discussed what makes their team a winning team, and all of them had such beautiful remarks about their teams to sell!

We announced the top winning teams, and we had winners from all over!

The Hybrid Race was a different experience even for us, FOCUS Adventure, conducting the programme. The FAcilitator for the programme said, “ This was like a dream come true, being able to conduct a single programme in multiple countries simultaneously, physically!”

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