The Gold Mine Challenge!


On 22nd of May 2018, an insurance company embarked on an adventure with FOCUS Adventure’s latest activity; The Goldmine Challenge!, where the strength of their teamwork, collaboration, resource management and strategic planning were all put to the test.
The objective of this indoor board game-like activity is to mine as much gold as possible within the time limit given, and with the resources available. The participants were grouped into teams of 5 to 6 people, each with a specific role to play in strategizing the most efficient route to reap the best results. Having to consider all aspects including limited time, resources and making quick effective decisions, which mirrors similar challenges faced by many organisations in today’s business climate, the participants’ individual personalities as well as the group behaviours were clearly displayed throughout the activity. Elements of risk-taking were also customised into the activity to better reflect the nature of the company’s industry.
When reflecting on the activity during the debrief session, participants highlighted how they could have worked better within and across teams to mine more gold in the same amount of time. They also shared how the behaviours and thought processes demonstrated in the activity were relevant to their work context, and the impact it can have in their organization. It also allowed them to better understand each other’s working styles, especially in situations with limited time and resources.

Put your team to the test! Come and experience The Goldmine Challenge!
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