The Business Simulation Challenge!

Have you ever wondered what running an organisation or even a team is like? Wanted to understand how your decisions might affect the organisation’s overall results?

We might just have the right solution for you.

Introducing our latest product in The Leadership Challenge category! – The Business Simulation Challenge!

Participants can do this activity either physically or virtually.

Participants will be in groups and will depict a company on their own or a function (Depending on the objectives of the session and the type of participants)

Participants then have to solve day to day challenges by making decisions and inputting their choices into the online platform.

Each round has three months (1 quarter), and each round will last for about 15mins. In that 15mins, they will need to make the necessary decisions regarding the challenges posed to them.

After each round, teams will be able to see how they have done in terms of profitability, overall team effectiveness, or overall staff satisfaction.
This highly customisable activity allows participants to be in similar business environments to learn and solve similar challenges they might be getting back in the organisation.