The Build-a-Boat Challenge!

Set off to new chores in your self-designed and self-built boat. Making use of the most basic materials such as cardboard you will be surprised how creativity and resourcefulness will enable you to cross the waters. Your team will have to come together and start from scratch, designing the boat they later want to build. The actual building phase will show if the designs can be realized. Oftentimes adjustments will have to be made due to new developments or limited resources to be able to deliver a boat within the given time. In the final stage, the bravest team members will be setting off for a race in Sentosa waters against the other teams, proving their self-built boats’worth. This is when the teams will be able to see if their boats stand the test of the elements. Excitement, fun and action is guaranteed in the Build-a-Boat Challenge! brought to you by FOCUS Adventure.

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