The Build-a-Bike Challenge!

The latest modular programme to the family – The Build a Bike Challenge!

As the name goes, the programme is structured for participants to build a bike from scratch! They will be given parts of a bike and will have to work as a team with clues given to build a working bike!

The catch to the programme is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) element that comes in it. Before the programme, clients get to choose (or we can choose) an organisation in which the bikes can be delivered to.

Participants will have no idea that the bikes are being done for a group of kids from a help organisation. They will only find out half way into the bike building, which brings out their emotions and the wanting to build an awesome bike for the kids!

Overall, it is a fun and enjoyable programme with teambuilding elements infused with CSR inside. A great way to bond the entire organisation even if it is 100pax together in one place, one building!

If you are interested in our programme, send us an enquiry now!

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