The Battleship Challenge!

Virtual Adventure Learning Programmes-14

One of the classic activities that will get everyone involved!

You are one of your country’s best of the best naval officers!  You will assign your naval vessels in accordance to their strength to various locations out in the sea.

During the battle, neither you nor your enemy will be able to see exactly where each other’s ships are placed.  Just like during World War II, where the Japanese understood that the British kept their gunners in Sentosa facing the south, they came from the north on bicycles.  You and your team will need to determine where the enemy would place their ships and to target them accordingly.

Your ammo is limited, so shoot accurately and strategically!

In this 90 minutes activity, teams will go on standoffs with the enemies and will end the war with a debrief on how it was successful for the team.  Debrief will consist of breakout sessions where participants are required to pen down their thoughts and after which to share with the entire group.

The Battleship Challenge! is designed to evoke strategic communication amongst team members and strategic planning.

Duration: 90 Minutes

Learning Outcome:

  1. Strategic Communication
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Need for Teamwork