Testimonials 2021 – September

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our programmes in 2021!

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Quarter 3 Programmes: September

“Thanks to the FAcilitators for organising and running the session.”
-Kenneth, SE, MCCY

“Love some challenge ie. kahoot.”

“Enjoy the Programme. Thank you”
-Abdul Rahman, Assistant Engineer, PUB

“Highly engaging course. Filled with lots of fun team building activities.”
-Muhammad Haziq,AE,PUB

“Thank you Focus Adventure and Bryan our facilitator for being so pleasant, helpful, fun and wacky. Love your unique dance at the beginning, certainly broke the ice :)
-Cathy Cummins, Admin, Privasec

“It was so much fun!”
-Frida Tan, Manila, Philippines, Privasec

“It was fun and we really enjoy the Virtual Escape Room Game”
-Karris Cortaga, Senior Accountant, Privasec Pty

“Thanks for the fun activities that brought the team closer and they also allowed them to show their creativities.”
-Steven Ng,Senior Manager, Exam Admin,  SUSS

“Had such an enjoyable time thank you!”
-Koh Hui Ying,  AIC

“Fun!! Interesting to include the Reality element of rapping & dancing.”
-Rethi, AIC

“I enjoyed the challenges…gave me an opportunity to know my team mates better. Good job FOCUS!! Pls continue to create more creative & interesting virtual team bonding activities.”
-Suzana Binte Mohd Saad, Division Lead, MYT-SGO

“Thoroughly enjoyed the session!”
-Jean Eng, Division Lead, SGD