Testimonials 2021 – March

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our programmes in 2021!

Quarter 1 Programmes: January February March

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Quarter 1 Programmes: March

- We were so busy solving the tasks that we forgot the game’s objectives until the facilitator reminded us
- With clear communication, even the most seemingly arduous tasks can be completed with the team’s combined efforts
1) It’s important to be able to pause and consciously reflect on the objectives every now and then as sometimes we get too swept away with the tasks and stray away from the goal
2) The whole is greater than its sum of parts – by leveraging on different team member’s strengths, we can do things better and faster
This was my first virtual team-building session, and it totally exceeded my expectation how fun, engaging and effective it can be whilst being held in a remote setting. Sasi (main facilitator) and the whole team of facilitators were highly professional and kept the participants engaged throughout the entire session. Very creative use of online tools to support the activity!”
-Mok Wen Tian, Sentosa Development Corporation

“Excellent teambuilding programme which had been made totally possible to be delivered online I defnitely will recommended this to my other teams. ”
-Jocelyn Teh, Exec, IMDA Singapore

“Thanks for the session!”
-Jing Jing, ETO, ETD

“I had fun! It was an innovative way of doing team bonding activities virtually. Thank you!”
-Crystal Tay, ETO, MOE ETD

“Thank you for your FAcilitation.”
-Zeng Wei, ETO, ETD MOE

“Overall, experience was good”
-Joy Khoo, SM, MDL

“Well done! I enjoyed myself”
-Christabel Lim, SDD, MOE

“Very well organised!”
-Soh Chin Siong, Senior Technology Officer, MDL

“Well done. Thanks for your efforts.”
-Rohayaton Rohani, Sr Producer, MDL

“It is great to learn from this virtual games which was my first time experience after many year with ETD. Well done!!”
-Ang Lay Guan, Graphic artisy, ETD

“It is a very unique experience. I like the virtual games!”
-Shao Xu, SM, IMDA

“Thanks for the support! Especially Tessa who answered my queries even after past 12!”
-Jocelyn Teh, Exec, IMDA

“Thanks for FAcilitating. I had fun :)
-Evangeline, IMDA

“Good job!!!”
-Muhammad Firdaus Bin Baharum, Assisstant Engineer, PUB

“The programme was super fun and interactive!”

“Thanks to both Berwin and Bryan facilitators for faciitating this programme. It was a fun and fruitful programme. Thank you ”
-Ee Man Ling, Engineer, PUB

“It is definitely the most enjoyable session I have so far! The games designed are very interactive and really requires the cooperation and support of every member. This make us understand the importance of teamwork really!”
-See Li Xia, Senior Engineer, PUB

“Thanks to Bryan for his patient guidance!”
-Yvonne Khoo, Manager Scientific Engagement , Philip Morris Malaysia

“Really fun activities… even my kids are enjoying watching us playing the games.”
-Angela Ng, Manager, IMDA

“Escape room virtually is just as fun!”
-Lee Chein Inn, IMDA

“Very good experience. ”
-Koh Suat Hong, Dd, Imda

“Interesting and fun experience.!! Will recommend to other teams.”

“It was fun and entertaining. I get to learn more about the people i work with”
-Jonas Tay, Zoom, MAS Team Building

“enjoyed the 2 activities – much better than anticipated ;)
-Yuen Foon, DD, MAS

“The virtual escape game was more engaging than I had expected, and the difficulty was calibrated appropriately. FAcilitators were able to manage/pace the program and involve participants.”
-Wei Xin, , MAS

“The games were challenging enough, with sufficient interaction between the participants. Everyone enjoyed the games and it was a good session.”
-Lineatte Tan, Assistant Director, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“Fun learning with excellent facilitators and colleagues.”
-Dorothy Lim, PA, MAS

“I enjoyed the session. Overall it was short & sweet”
-Rajeswari Dorairaj, Senior Asst HR Officer, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore

“Great job & thanks ”
-mayying, Customer Service, Milliken

“I got to travel the world with my team without leaving the house in the virtual race. My face is so swore from laughing so much. Thank you.”
-Vivian , Milliken

“Gavin and Bryan are really good FAcilitator!. I really enjoy the activities. Lastly, had alot of fun! ”
-Wendy Lim, , Milliken