Testimonials 2020 – September

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our programmes in 2020!

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Quarter 3 Programmes: September

“It was a very well organised event. Presenters were very friendly and helpful. Very lively and interactive session. Kudos to the FAcilitators for putting together a great virtual event.”
-Shruti Maindola, SMU

“This was just the best workshop I have ever attended. Thanks.”
-Purvi Jagnani, Singapore Management University

“Very creative use of Google Maps!”
-Ada, National Dental Centre Singapore

“Thanks Sasi, Berwin and Gavin for the great FAcilitation, and for always trying to keep energy levels of everyone up. Enjoyed my first virtual team-building experience. Wishing the team all the best for the future.”
-Kenneth Tan, MPA

“Kudos to the team for such a wonderful and engaging experience.”

“Enjoyed the session today, learnt alot especially during the team games:)”
-Koh Shaoqi, MPA

“Good job to the team at FOCUS Adventure for making the virtual session as fun and lively as a physical one!”
-Alicia Wong, MPA

“thank you it was a great session!”
-Lau Chen Lin, SMU MWM

“Fun and engaging event!”
-Zechariah, Singapore Management University

“Fantastic, you guys just have the right blend of organisational flows and time management, with a sense of humour to warm up the atmosphere.”
-Sheryl, SMU

“Loved the Escape room. Had a lot of fun :)
-Sidra Mohamed Yaqoob, Duke-NUS

“Our very first online teambuilding event and we really had a great time! Thank you FOCUS Adventure Team! To many more adventures! :)
-Rosilah, Duke-NUS

“I enjoyed the team activities!”
-Cheryl Tan, PUB

“Overall course was good. Facilitator was engaging throughout the course. Thank You”
-Mohammad Salihin Bin Shaion, WRN

“The virtual team building programme was alot more interesting and fun than I expected. Kudos to the FAcilitors Berwin, Gavin and Sasi. =))”
-Angel Xu, PUB

“it was quite fun and entertaining :)
-Tiffany Yong, EDB

“Sasi is a great facilitator, humorous, and confident!”
-Hao Tian, EDB

“Great job by Sasi and all the staff behind the programme! It was really fun and engaging!”
-Ng Zhi Quan, EDB

“The virtual treasure hunt was fun”
-yusman, mccy

“The programme was very well planned. While virtual tools are pretty new to me, instructions were easy to follow. Impressed with the way a virtual amazing race was conducted pairing with a zoom breakout room to engage within fellow teammates. Overall, it’s a very fun session!”
-Pearl Chua, MCCY

“Innovative and fun activities (e.g. the virtual escape room and amazing race)!”
-Rachael Quah, MCCY

“Energetic facilitator, interesting session”
-Tan Yi Geng, EDB

“Thank you so much for the activities :D
-Hao Tian, EDB

“Good job in setting up the programme! I enjoyed myself! Have a nice weekend!”
-Ng Zhi Quan, EDB

“The pace was nice and the use of zoom tools was quite cool.”
-Qiyun, EDB

“It was a fun and challenging at the same time.”
-Ho Peh Suan, MINDEF

“A big thank you to the FAcilitators (Berwin, Gavin, Sarsi) for keeping the morale and energy high and motivating. It was a fulfilling course to be at.
Love the activities as it really forces you to be out of your comfort zone and motivates you to be a better team player to give encouragement and give more effort so the team can succeed. A big sense of fulfilment:)
Thought the DISC segment could be strengthened by having people do the questionaire and tallying their scores instead of picking 5 cards from the deck. As each syndicate could only select from the same pool of cards but two people may want to choose the same adjective but have to choose another card if their first choice is taken up. I would think this will reflect people’s dominant trait more accurately and allow them to appreciate DISC.”
-Abigail Wong, MINDEF