Testimonials 2020 – October

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our programmes in 2020!

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Quarter 4 Programmes: October

“Great job Focus facilitators! Thank you for the great smiles :)
-Cynthia Chng,AIC

“Great job TEAM FOCUS.I particularly liked the use of tech tools to engage everyone in the team.”

“Innovative idea to have virtual team building activities through technology. Fun in completing the challenges in break out rooms within the hour. Linking team work to org objective through the final game is very good. It brought the message across.”
-Ng Kwan Kee,AIC

“Thank you to Sasi and Berwin for the great facilitation! Good job! Such a good and fun teambuilding virtual programme!”

“Engaging even though its virtual”
-Farhan Bin Zailani,PUB

“It was fun and engaging. A great form of introduction to my team as a newbie!”

“i really enjoyed the group activities! they were super fun! thanks for organizing them!”
-Angela, Li Shuo,MPA

“Good experiences on line”

“Sasi and Berwin were awesome FAcilitators with amazing energy – thank you!”
-Charlotte Teo,Johnson & Johnson

“Thank you! We enjoyed ourselves. Keep up the great work.”
-Edmond Goh,Agency for Integrated Care

“It’s a fun group activity.”
-Yap Yeong Min,Agency for Integrated Care

“Enjoy the programme and jovious spirit of the facilitators and teammates.”
-Angee ,AIC/ TPSO

“Overall, this is a great moment to learn the new normal way of future. its a good platform and its enjoyable despite its only a virtual. Thumbs up FOCUS….. you guys rocks!!!!!”
-Dewi,AIC (TPSO)

“The virtual escape rom is pretty cool.”

“Something new to me, glad I attended”
-chan may ho,ministry of education

“It is amazing how much fun and laughter we can have as a team on virtual platform while at the same time meeting the training objectives of learning to be adaptable as times change.”
-Hung Swee Geok,Ministry of Education

“I love the program and I would recommend this program for other corporations.”

“Thank you Alex, Kenneth & HR team and thanks also to Sasi and team FOCUS Adventure”
-Lyle Sudheeran Madhavan,SDC IT

“The Team was just amazing in all the variables including time management, making each participant equally engaged into various activities held during the programme and had the just knowledge for the practical examples”
-Vidhi Vasani,Singapore Management University

“Berwin did a great job in engaging the team, thank you so much. Thanks also to Focus Adventure for an interesting and fun time!”
-Cindy Low,Helvetia Swiss Insurance Company Ltd

“Very well organised. As it is virtual, a lot of restrictions in communication. But overall a new and fun experience.”

“The FAcilitators are amazing to be able to handle such a large group even though we have to do it through zoom due to the pandemic. Such an amazing FAcilitators with awesome quotes and learning objectives during these 2 days. Bravo guys!”
-Fazly Rafi,PUB

“Had more fun with the virtual activities than I had expected (good use of technology) and learnt alot from them. FAcilitators did a good job in engaging us and keeping the energy level high. Thanks!
-Sabrina Yeo,PUB

“FAcilitators were interactive and engaging although it was done virtually. Good job, thanks!”
-Jassy Teo,PUB

“Great Session”
-Tan Yi Geng,EDB

“I liked the shopping activity in the afternoon but I thought that the number sequence/cursor/timing activity in the morning wasn’t that engaging”

“This was fantastic – we really enjoyed ourselves, and had a chance to gain insight in a nuanced way.”