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It is a well executed programme with my objectives met. I met more colleagues than I first stepped in to the programme, and I ended the programme with a good sense of belonging with Oracle. The activity is interesting and meaningful. And the lessons drawn out of it are super relevant and applicable to my private and professional life. The Facilitators kept it really fun and light. They have shown good knowledge and understanding of challenges large companies like Oracle. Superb Job TEAM!
– Madeline Tan, Program Services Manager, Oracle Corporation Singapore Pte Ltd
August 2017

The whole experience from contacting FOCUS, meeting, presentation, confirmation to the actual day was straightforward and enjoyable. Although there was a little hiccup to the flight line before the actual day, the TEAM made the extra effort to sort it out and allow us to have the full TCH experience. Kudos to TEAM FOCUS!
– Noelle Heng, HR Manager, S11 Granuity Management Pte Ltd
July 2017

Facilitators were able to rev up the people with interesting activities. A lot of happy faces at the end of the day and it is really an accomplishment as I believe cohesiveness was built.
– Stephanie Tan, Manager, Deloitte & Touche LLP
June 2017

The Facilitators are knowledgeable, experienced and humorous too. I am looking forward for more activities that I have not tried but saw at FOCUS website. It is fun, engaging and stretches our perseverance, patience, capability and courage as well.
– Mudawati Bte Surhan, Infant Educarer, PAP Community Foundation
May 2017

FOCUS listens to Brenntag’s objectives and expectations and willing to adapt and run the extra miles has contributed to the overall positive experience that all participants have provided the feedback. Thanks for a good job done by the FOCUS TEAM in Taiwan with high professionalism. Brenntag works with FOCUS for five years!
- Margaret Chua, Regional Industry Manager, Brenntag Pte Ltd
April 2017

The most important aspect from my perspective is the Facilitator to participant ratio was just right. I really enjoyed the activities, which were perfect to address issues within our TEAM. I would like more activities on how to take back to apply learning in practical application.
– Jay Finch, Micron Technology Inc
March 2017

I really appreciate all the support from FOCUS TEAM through all the inquiries and bookings that I put up. Your prompt response and follow-ups has indeed show that FOCUS Adventure is very good at maintaining Clientele relationship.
- Yunabelle Gan, Project Executive, Event Eleven Pte Ltd
February 2017

Amazing how a few set of equipment in a limited space can be used effectively for the teambuilding initiative..
– Vida Monteiro, Regional Head FM Operations Africa and MENA, Standard Chartered Bank
January 2017