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Awesome team activity, great Facilitators and fun programme. Love the venue, equipment, The Rafting Challenge! activity. Only ask for future would be to have more food. It was so delicious the team polished off the rendang chicken so there wasn’t enough for some :)
– Shweta Verma, Account Director, LinkedIn Sales Solutions
December 2014

My team and I had a blast at this year’s teambuilding. The objectives listed out by the committee like focusing on changes, communication, collaboration were met. Thank you for allowing us to achieve all these through the fun activities!
- Low Chelsia, Operations Manager, National Instruments Singapore Pte Ltd
November 2014

The activities that were organised enabled us to be more comfortable with one another, as we are just starting to get to know one another. The Facilitators would explain the rationale at the end of each activity, and this enabled us to relate and link it to our job. A lot of the activities, which were new to us, were also introduced. Kudos!
– Seri Rahayu, Customs Officer, Singapore Customs
October 2014

 Thank you for organising such a wonderful “The Teambuilding Challenge!” for IFM. The whole programme and activities were objective-focused and well organised. We had an enjoyable time and a great team bonding with colleagues across departments. IFM team members were engaged to work together throughout the programme.

We took the opportunity to feedback how we felt after each activity, shared our different experiences, and thought of how to transfer the experience to the actual work practices. I believe this would enhance our effective communication and cooperation in IFM. Once again thank you.
– Bai Meiyu, Ifm Electronic Asia Pte Ltd
September 2014

Those colleagues who are usually very quiet at work, were opened up during the teambuilding activity. This shows the other side of their personality which we are happy to discover while at work they are serious but at play they are fun! Keep up the good work! Well done! Thank you for making this programme an enjoyable and successful one. Thumbs up!
– Jenn Ong, Personal Assistant, Pacific Radiance Ltd
August 2014

The programme that the team had gone through, I felt it was something that is close to my heart. The question I asked myself especially the last activity was, “Why hadn’t we thought of sharing resources especially in our actual work place? Many a times,  humans tend to rush but this activity reminded us that we need to step back and think before we act.
– Vincent Chew, Operation Manager, Jones Lang LaSalle Property Consultants Pte Ltd
July 2014

I am amazed at how the Facilitator is able to link all the activities to the value at work. The Laser Combat Challenge! was fun. It amazes me how we can come together as a stranger and yet we can become competitive when the activities begin. Overall, it has been memorable and fun.
– Keith Lee, Senior Executive, Ministry of Law Singapore
June 2014

 On behalf of the committee and staff, we would like to say a big thanks to you and your team for making our company’s teambuilding programme a successful one! We had fun, we learnt a few things and we got to know each other a little bit better outside of office environment! So once again, thank you so much for the enjoyable weekend! We will be sure to keep your contacts on hand in case we are in need of your services again ;)

It had been a blast! And I will inform the staff to login and see the photos available on the website. Thank you so much for the services and all the assistance rendered!
– Sharifah Zaihenah, HR & Admin Executive, CMA CGM & ANL (Singapore) Pte Ltd
May 2014

Thank you for the wonderful job in organising The Incredible Race! Our colleagues really enjoyed ourselves. Tasks assigned were refreshing and the programme was challenging. Through the Teambuilding activity, we managed to get to know and bond with colleagues across divisions and teams. I believe this would enhance communication and effective collaboration in the Industry Group henceforth. Once again, thank you for the great work! 
- Alyssa, Media Development Authority of Singapore

April 2014

I enjoy every teambuilding with FOCUS as they are always creative with different activities. I like The Angry Bird Trebuchet Challenge! which I attended that day. Great work done by the team and continue to inject more fun to many others. Best wishes always!
- Kam Ying Kit, NTUC Club
March 2014

 The programmes were well planned and the activities were well organised and conducted. A very lively and encouraging session where you will never feel bored. From the activities, I learnt to take fear as an opportunity for success.
– Mrs Loy Wei Sun, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority
February 2014

 Overall programme and activities were exciting. Team members were given sufficient time to feedback on how they felt after each activity and it allowed them to understand the objective of each activity and some took this opportunity to voice out.

We enjoyed the day of fun and laughter. Programme and activities were well organised and were able to engage our members to work together to achieve their targets. The Lead Facilitator was able to lead the members during feedback time after each activity and he was able to relate it to the work place situation well.
– Vivien Tan, Dexerials Singapore Pte Ltd
January 2014