Testimonial of the Month

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 We have enjoyed the program and had a great time with it. And truly, this activity has certainly further strengthened the bond between medical and marketing function for better collaboration. I would like to thank FOCUS very much for the great planning and execution of the program.
– Jasmine, Mundipharma Pte Ltd
December 2013

I was amazed by the willingness of team members and their 100% participation in the activities although some of the activities were new to us. Overall, we learned to overcome our own fear and trust other team members especially the mouse trap activity. At the end of the activity, we felt good in accomplishing the task and not to be trapped in our own fear. This could be applied to our daily works whereby we learn to trust our counterparts when implementing new initiatives facing new challenges together.
- Wong Lee Yin, Head, Revenue Tenders, Singapore Land Authority

November 2013

This was at least my fourth experience being in a teamwork activities with FOCUS Adventure since I moved to Singapore – and all of them were excellent!
- Adi Prabowo, Director, Johnson & Johnson
October 2013

The most impressive aspect was the amazing coordination between the facilitators. Despite being spread all over Singapore, everyone remained on the same page. Moreover, I am truly grateful that the project management team kept on adjusting to our ever changing requirements (dates, number of participants etc.). The flexibility and professional attitude at all times was remarkable.
- Muhammad Safwan Naqi, Analyst, Barclays Capital Services Limited
September 2013

Brought the team spirit out of everyone, the team stayed: (1) In Unity (2) Remain Humble (3) Respect each other to achieve the objectives with their best ability as a team, no individuality was displaced. I learnt that in order for a team to succeed on the tasks given, all must abandon their ego, maintain a clear mind and be child like (to look at things in a simple manner) it does make a great difference than looking at the task with too many minds of different intellectual.
- WenD Chow, Secretary, Eastman Chemical Singapore
September 2013

Facilitators listened to the objectives that the department wished to achieve and worked around and towards it by weaving it well into the programme. Facilitators took efforts to know participants. Wonderful pleasant suprise gifts for EVERYONE! :) Thank you.
- Jesslyn, Customer Relations Manager, Singapore Polytechnic
August 2013

The facilitators did a very good wrap up after the Team Challenge Pyramid, with a sharing session, singing If We Hold On as a group, and even having participants present the certificates of achievement and momentoes to each other with a big hug. It ended the course on a meaningful note, and sealed the bonds that had been forged during the 3 days. The pre-activity energizers (particularly pirate ship) were very effective and fun.
- Jonathan Chan Chung Ming, Policy Analyst, Monetary Authority of Singapore
July 2013 

All of the activities that we’ve done, teaches us a lot, especially how those things will be interpreted in a way of our daily basis and activities. We thought that it’s just a simple set of activities, but after each one of them, we were able to learn a lot of things, especially on practical applications. As what has been said; Teambuilding with Team Bonding – It’s GREAT!!!
- Paul John L. Gabalfin, Process Unit – EUCREAS, Novartis Manufacturing
June 2013

The photos and videos really spiced up the activities. It gave all an opportunity to see a summary of what they had gone through for the day the interesting moments. In addition, after the activities, the learnings, laughters fun will fade away with time. This video will be evidence for all to ponder again what they had learnt the importance of teamwork. Next, the facilitators were very lively and motivating. They were able to fuse into the group of varying ages and get this group to participate.
- Tan Yong Seng, Treasurer, Punggol Coral RC
May 2013


The new friends I’ve made really made this a pleasant experience. Coming back to FOCUS adventure after 10 years was really memorable. Thanks to all the Facilitators which made this a wonderful part of my life.
– Michelle Kuah, Executive Life Planner, Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited
April 2013


It was really fun.For the geo-caching,we learn how to use the GPS detector to track our nearest location and thus find the answer.Realise something so true in life,often we may have missed out the little thing which are so close and near to us.I like the roller coaster best and never imagine we can build one out of the simple newspapers and balloon sticks.Indeed proud of my team effort,creativity, never give up spirit.Learn to appreciate things better after this session and enjoy life better.
-Ying Kit, NTUC Club
March 2013


All the 3 facilitators were wonderful and carried themselves very well. The aim of the course was delivered across to the participants very well and each and everyone of us enjoyed the programme.
- Vasantha Devi Senior Executive Service Officer, Land Transport Authority

February 2013


No negative feedback. The sessions were very entertaining and fun. The Facilitator was just superb. Very good – calm, patient, and knowledgeable.
- Haslinda Shamsudin, Project Manager, Singapore Management University
January 2013