1. Weight of sub structure (6 blocks concrete foundation)
- 1 block – 21,600 kg / 21.6 ton
- 129,600 kg / 129.6 ton

2. Weight of superstructure
- 42, 637.7 kg / 47 ton

3. 24 Obstacle Elements

4. 5 Entry & Exit

5. 140 steps from ground to top platform

6. Flight Line

The TCH is a metaphor of TIME. At 24m it represents the 24 hours of the Day.
The 4 cages represents the 4 seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and the Flightline takes you back to Spring again. The Cycle of Time.

How we use our time effectively will determine our Results.

The TEAM CHALLENGE HOURGLASS (TCH) is one of FOCUS Adventure’s most significant innovation in our 20 years history. It is a 24 meter high challenge tower that comprises of a series of different challenges. TCH is designed as a team based experience (individual ascent is also possible), where groups of 5 to 6 participants are connected together and work as a team to ascend the tower. The TCH experience is ideal for learning experiences centered on leadership, teamwork, change management and character development.

Sentosa is home to the 4th and latest TEAM CHALLENGE HOURGLASS (TCH) in the world! The other three, located in Bintan (Indonesia), Hainan (China) and Sibu Island (Johor, Malaysia) are all designed by FOCUS Adventure as well.

The TCH is an innovation that is 20 years in the making. It integrates the latest technologies in challenge ropes courses, with the most advanced safety features and is designed to maximize participants’ engagement.

Its unique features includes:

  1. Team level Continuous Belay Systems:
    1. Safest climbing system in the market, significantly reduces human error.
    2. Team based experience to enhance teamwork.
    3. Option for individual ascent.
  1. Five Entry/Exit points:
    1. Allow participants to exit the tower swiftly when required.
    2. Re-entry point for participants when the weather clears up.
    3. Group may start activity from a higher point on the tower, if time is limited.
  1. Multiple options for participants to descend:
    1. Para jump.
    2. Abseil.
    3. Stairs
  1. Central staircase system increases accessibility and shortens respond time during emergencies.
  1. Level of challenge can easily be modified to match participants’ profile and programme requirement.


Possible learning outcomes (leadership):

  1. Leadership as a team capability instead of a positional power.
  2. Question the perception that leaders must know everything and be good with all things.
  3. Agility over rigidity – changing and adapting the team’s approach as it ascends the tower.
  4. Working towards a shared vision for the common good.


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