Soft-Skill Building – The FOCUS Training Suite


If the heart of an organisation is its people, then the blood of an organisation is their skills, training and experiences. Has training been dry and dreary? If so, then the FOCUS Training Suite (FTS) is your answer.

The question we all have to ask ourselves

In a typical classroom lecture, participants learn via picking up information being downloaded by a speaker. This method of learning plays a bit-part role in an employee’s development as statistics show a seven-fold disadvantage in comparison with experiential modes of learning.


The FOCUS Training Suite



How is it that we are still adopting classroom downloading as the main mode of learning, especially for soft-skills?

The FOCUS Training Suite has entered the chat

At FOCUS Adventure, we believe that training should be experientially. Through our activities, our trainees face challenges that can be related to real-life workplace situations. After each activity, trainees are brought through debriefs for them to reflect on what they learnt from the experience, and how to apply the learning back to their work settings.


Why it works

Whether the module is about effective communication or leadership styles, our model is based on facilitating self-directed learning where trainees are the ones sharing their personal learning insights rather than that from the trainer’s wisdom. Also, our programmes are FUN because of our emphasis on engaging physical activities. Let’s face it: Who really wants to be staring at a deck of presentation slides for two hours? FUN is something often neglected, and something we demand of all our programmes.

Moreover, we customize activities and tailor training programmes to meet the different needs of our clients. This ensures that that trainees gain knowledge and skills that really help them in their work.


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