Our Methodology


Design Considerations
In all our programmes, FOCUS Adventure uses Challenges effectively to unlock closed minds, stimulate fresh thinking and encourage meaningful dialogues that trigger learning transferable back to the workplace.

FOCUS Adventure utilizes an interdisciplinary approach that blends organization development practices, experiential learning techniques, intellectual and emotional challenges and proven models/concepts/frameworks to unlock the synergy in the team and achieve maximum impact.

Isomorphic framing focuses on matching a client’s needs, mind-set and objectives with an adventure experience. FOCUS Adventure adopts this powerful framework in all its programme in creating relevance and mirroring the experience to the client’s industry and work processes. This is done through proper structuring of programme and effective facilitation, which increase motivation and enhance transfer of learning back to the workplace.


FOCUS Adventure FAPAE-02

The entire training programme is tailored to our client’s specific business objectives and operation needs.

FOCUS Adventure FAPAE-03

Adults learn best when it is problem-centred and action-oriented. This is the foundation of Adventure-Based Experiential Learning. The design of the activities ensures full participation and lessons are drawn from the experience.

FOCUS Adventure FAPAE-04

We aim to bring about radical changes and a shift in personal and organisational belief systems and culture through our programmes.

FOCUS Adventure FAPAE-05

Learning is transferred by linking the experience to actual work practices.

FOCUS Adventure FAPAE-06
Evaluation up to Level 3 based on Kirkpatrick’s Model can be performed to measure the effectiveness of the programme and how well the experience translates to the workplace.

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