Malaysia – Sibu Island


Sibu Island Resort is Johor’s idyllic island gateway, off the East Coast of Malaysia. Enter it and you are entering a private world unlike any other, poised to become Malaysia’s preferred island holiday destination offering premier off-shore retreat, adventure, corporate teambuilding and spa.

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Corporate Teambuilding Facilities

Team Challenge Hourglass


First in Malaysia and exclusivity in design of structure in South Malaysia.

The TCH is a 30m high hourglass structure designed to be achieved with the support and encouragement of every team member. The TCH will prove itself to be the most comprehensive outdoor challenge tower structure in Asia.

List of Activities
Low Elements
High Elements
Mobile Adventure Programme



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Getting There


All it takes is a 20-minute journey on an ultra-comfortable, air-conditioned, 50-seater twin-hulled catamaran from the picturesque Tanjung Leman jetty.

From Singapore, you may drive up to Tanjung Leman jetty.

  1. Drive to Johor Bahru.
  2. From Johor Bahru drive to Kota Tinggi.
  3. Take road to Mersing.
  4. Drive for about 45 minute, head for “Tg Leman, Pulau Sibu” at Tenggorah Junction.
  5. Turn right – Drive on for about 10 minutes, head for “Tg Leman, Pulau Sibu”.
  6. Turn left at T-junction, drive for about 10 minutes and follow signs to the Tg Leman jetty terminal.


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