Lego Serious Play

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Fully harvest the insight, ideas and imagination available in your organization. Tap into the human ability to imagine, to describe and make sense of the business at hand, to initiate change and improvement, and even to create something radicially new.


Research shows that hands-on, minds-on learning produces a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the world and its possibilities – much more so than listening or reading. When working with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, you will use three-dimensional thinking by creating and constructing metaphors to describe real situations your organization faces. When our hands are used in learning, a complicated process takes place that generates a powerful emotional charge. As a result, thoughts and ideas that are built with our hands tend to be expressed in greater detail. They are more easily understood and better remembered. Why not use this fact to enhance your business?


The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY programs are being used at companies worldwide that are looking for innovative ways to increase the commitment, confidence and insight of their executives, managers and employees.

• Strategy development and exploration

• Examine and evaluate relations to external partners and clients.

• Organizational development for management, teams and individual employees. Innovation and product development

• Unleash creative thinking and transform ideas into concrete concepts.

• Change management

• Facilitate and implement structural changes and mergers.

Experience shows great relevance of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method in other areas such as Scenario development and testing, Mergers & Acquisitions, Branding, Leadership and Team Development, Turnaround & Restructuring, Market Entry, Operational Efficiency and Competitive Analysis.

“It freed my mind of traditional ways of thinking and working – allowed me to be more radical in my thought process – completely open…”
– Regional Property Director, Enterprise Inns plc

“We used LSP in a complex merger between several units. The process and the 3D models helped us to develop a shared understanding of our future business reducing uncertainty and making it possible to accelerate the merger process”
- Laust Joen Jakobsen, Director, CVU Greater Copenhagen

“The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop was a very effective teambuilding exercise for us. In particular, the playful aspect of expressing work/ job related issues through building LEGO models brought out some great insights. It left us an even stronger and more agile team.”
- Marcus Riecke, Senior Director Category Management, eBay

team building

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