Learning Management System (LMS) to Learning Experience Platform (LXP)


With the pandemic, the way training and development take place has changed tremendously. The need for more immersive training experience has seen its way creeping up onto Learning & Development managers, especially during this period. A lot of training already available doesn’t suit the virtual audience or remote training. With Learning Experience Platforms (LXP), this gap can be covered.

We will partner with you to understand your training needs and help you design an LXP that will suit the organisation well. These LXPs are versatile enough to be incorporated with your current LMS models too!

Benefits of LXP

  • Increase your relevance and engagement with employees by delivering a mobile, consumer-friendly and social platform built around their needs.
  • Retain your people longer by offering personalised learning that points them towards career progression and isn’t limited to highly produced formal learning.
  • Build loyalty and community among your lifelong learners and subject matter experts by offering new ways to recognise learning, encourage development and give recognition