The Experience


You may wish to kick off the agenda with ice-breakers, aimed at dissolving participants’ physical and mental barriers prior to a conference or seminar. These initiate effective communication channels by enhancing group dynamics, building trust and increasing confidence among team members.

Greater thrills await participants who take on our Low and High Ropes Courses, Paintball, Team Challenge Rescue or the ultimate Team Challenge Pyramid! Standing at 25 metres, the pyramid tower is highly effective in unleashing individual decision-making skills to overcome obstacles along the way. Providing a high level of perceived risk, the tower can only be conquered with the support and encouragement of all team members, thereby offering each participant the experience of a lifetime!

Leadership Leadership


Example of a Corporate Training Session

All activites can be customised to suit your company objectives and goals. Our experienced Facilitators will conduct an assessment prior to the training programme.

Half Day Indoor Teambuilding Challenge Programme
1400hrs Introduction to participants on the use of methodology to achieve maximum learning and application out of the training programme.
1415hrs Energising Activities:
- Handshake Challenge
- Synergy
- Helium HoolaAll 3 quick energisers warm up the participants by providing objectives of shared values, adopting a WIN/ WIN attitude, channelling energy and effort productively in dealing with work problems and not blaming others!
1500hrs Indoor Activities:
- Turning Point
- Blindfold Squares
- Key PunchIn Turning Point, teams practise ‘WE-ness’ for the whole organisation.
For Blindfold Squares, participants are targeted with Decision-Making, Planning, Leadership, Cooperative Effort and Thinking-Out-Of-The-Box skills adaptable to corporate environment.
Key Punch translates the implication of change and gives brainstorming opportunites for strategies to cope with it.
1615hrs Processing the Experience:
Participants are given time to Recall – Reflect – Response.
1630hrs Video Show:
Participants sit down, relax and enjoy the video on the team at work during the programme in the midst of fun and laughter!
1700hrs Celebration & End of Programme:
Presentation of certificates to one another by congratulating and affirming individuals as a TEAM.


Each training programme comes with:
- Design, development and delivery of customised programme
- 1 Facilitator and Safety Instructor
- Use of programme equipment and set-up
- Certificates of achievement for each participant
- A video in action VCD
- A photo CD


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