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We are a learning organisation and we believe in continuous learning. Below are the articles written by our very own staff. We hope that you will find them useful.

Title Written by
Adapting Change Management through online teambuilding activities Sasi KUMAR View
5 Benefits of Online Teambuilding during this Pandemic Ernest CHU View
Participative Leadership Berwin TAN View
Adapting Tuckman’s Team-Development Model into our own household during this Circuit Breaker period Gavin CHAN View
Part III: Becoming an 80/20 Manager – The Mentoring Manager & The Leveraged Manager Sasi KUMAR View
Our People, Our Community Ernest CHU View
Enhancing Motivation in Organisations Berwin TAN View
Part Two: Becoming an 80/20 Manager – The Investigating Manager & The Superconnecting Manager Sasi KUMAR View
VUCA Countermeasures vs Circuit Breaker Classes Gavin CHAN View
Overcoming this pandemic (COVID-19) by being effectively productive Sasi KUMAR View
Crisis Leadership through COVID-19 Ernest CHU View
VUCA 2.0 in the current COVID-19 outbreak Tzehao LEONG View
5 Factors that determines Emotional Intelligence and its importance in leadership Peter GOH View
Why (organizational) values matter? Damien TEONG View
Lessons that we can learn about the V Formation to succeed at work Mugan Tayalan View
Does Passion alone guarantees success Mugan Tayalan View
Mindfulness & its impact in the way we react to everything Mugan Tayalan View
Adaptive Challenge and The Leadership Challenge Joey NG View
A Jug, Golf Balls, Pins, Sand and Two Cups of Coffee Joey NG View
Distress, Eustress and Creative Tension – A Team Challenge Hourglass Learning Experience Joey NG View
David Kolb Experiential Learning Cycle vs Jack Mezirow’s Transformational Learnings Damien Teong View
Strategies that facilitators can undertake when dealing with difficult participants Mugan Tayalan View
12 things that we need to give up to live a happier and productive life Mugan Tayalan View
Fundamentals of Teambuilding Damien Teong View
Maslow hierarchy of needs and Teambuilding Damien Teong View
Herzberg’s two factor theory and workplace satisfaction Damien Teong View
Effective Facilitation: Bridging the Gap between Learning and Application Joey Ng View
Quick Thoughts on Leadership and Management, Culture and Systems Joey Ng View
Situation Awareness – A ‘Learnable’ Facilitation Skill Joey Ng View
A study on the Correlations between various Theoretical Frameworks Sasi Kumar View
Leadership Member Exchange Theory Joey Ng View
Experiential Learning Cycle Sasi Kumar View
Why Experiential Learning Cycle Fidelis Goh View
Organizational Behaviour – Learning James Soh View
FOCUS Consultation Dean Martin View
Get Ahead – Stay Ahead Nitin Sharma View
Sounding Smart. Brian McLean View
Thoughts on human development Andre Kirchhoff View
The Brian McLean Guide to Surviving OJT Brian McLean View
TRUST, How Do We Rebuild It After A Storm TK Cheng View
The Rise of the Future Giants Lemuel Matutes View
Entrepreneurship, why young=win John Seah View
Entrepreneurship – Starting Small Joey Ng View
“You can design and create the most beautiful place in the world, but it takes people to make it a reality” Alil View
Story of the Two Birds Alil View
Magic and Innovation Joey Ng View
Barriers to Communication and How to Overcome Them Alok Verma View
Need for continuous improvement Dean Martin View
Mousetrap Locus of Control Joey Ng View
The Balance of Profit and Sustenance in an Organization TK Cheng View
Sharing On Happiness TK Cheng View
The 3Fs Approach to Change – To Balance is to Unbalance Joey Ng View
Story on Communication (Article) TK Cheng View
What does it take to be a great leader? Andre Kirchhoff View
‘The Myth about Working Hard – A Reality Check.’ Joey Ng View
Business: Art of Leadership or Science of Management? Joey Ng View
The Fox and the Hare Joey Ng View
Organisational Development Dean Martin View
Begin with the End in Mind: Vision, Action, Passion Joey Ng View
More Impactful Final Debrief Dean Martin View
Cooking up a Storm Arun Rao View
Internal Communications Anilraj View
Why Choose FOCUS Adventure? Joesph Fernandez View
Should being a Workaholic be Widely Practised? Rock View
The Myth About Working Hard – A Reality Check Joey Ng View
Organization Values: FOCUS in play Joey Ng View
Power of a Huddle Arun Rao View
Eureka: Making Brilliant Ideas! Joey Ng View
Reduce, Reuse, Recyle: Beyond Going Green Joey Ng View
The Customer is NOT Always Right Joey Ng View
The Teambuilding Challenge! Joy Tan View
Same Same but Different Chew Wei Guan View
Seeing is Believing Chew Wei Guan View
Change Joey Ng View
Value Attribution: 5 cents and 10 cents Joey Ng View
OPTIONS: The Way Of Business Adam Chan View
Managing Risk Adam Chan View
How Hard Should I Work Joey Ng View
Kill Bill and Helium Hula Joey Ng View
6 Stages In Communication Joey Ng View
Fanning the Flames Adam Chan View
Lessons From The Great See-Saw Leonard Kok View
Game Theory: An Application in Organizational Behaviour Andy Pan View
Office Gossip: One Bite, One Kill Leonard Kok View
Debriefing Climbing Activities Adam Chan View
SCAMPER Leonard Kok View
Monkeys, Bananas, Water & Pole Adam Chan View
Learning, Mistakes, Innovation & Risks Adam Chan View
Hiring Myth: Ability versus Suitability Adam Chan View
Assumptions Adam Chan View
Old to New Shoes Adam Chan View
The Business of Belaying Andy Pan View
Rope Courses Chew Wei Guan View
Success Engine (Reinforcing) Adam Chan View
Case Study: Change Management Adam Chan View
The Art of Listening Terence Tan View
Ladder of Inference Terence Tan View
The Creative Clay Challenge Leonard Kok View
The Question of Trust Adam Chan View
The Emotional Bank Account Leonard Kok View
Giving and Receiving Feedback Leonard Kok View
The Power of Positive thinking Leonard Kok View
Effective Workplace Communication Leonard Kok View
The Need for Passion Isaac Peter View
Walking the Mohawk Leonard Kok View
The Eleventh Hour Adam Chan View
Transfer of Learning Adam Chan View
WorkLife Balance; Intergration? Adam Chan View
The Delicate Link Adam Chan View
Giving Instruction Adam Chan View
Is Multi-Tasking also Parallelism? Adam Chan View
Chinese Book on Leadership Chew Wei Guan View
The Adult Learner Isaac Peter View
The 8 Cognitive Processes Andy Pan View
Facilitating with Excellence Leonard Kok View
The GRIP model Andy Pan View
Group Juggle Andy Pan View