The adrenaline-pumping expedition to discover Batam!


jet ski

JETSKI Safari brings to you a whole new experience of island exploration, combined with the thrill of jet skiing. Discover a passage of surprises in our exciting expeditions round Bintan on the power of a jet ski.

JETSKI Safari makes a good day trip programme. Start off your day learning to maneuver a JETSKI under the coaching of our experienced expedition leaders. When you are ready to conquer the waters, our expedition leaders would lead the fleet to explore the beauty of the coastline.

Follow us through the seaway, whip and snake your way around through miles of untamed mangroves everglades and along pristine, sandy island beaches. Along the journey you will get to experience the local life and visit Kelongs (Traditional houses built on stilts in the middle of the sea) and feast on local cuisines and delights. With local flora and fauna around every turn, we promise that it’ll be a ride that you’ll never forget.


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