Feedback – Breakfast for Champions 2018

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our programmes in 2018!

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“Kayaking around on our own was great but too short.”
- Arnaud Legeret, TAG Heuer  

“Too many activities, maybe can cut down some activities and give more time to complete each activity.”
- Christina, Housing and Development Board    

“Collaboration and Team work. Venue might be too squeeze to house the whole TEAM.”
- Wong Chen Shyan, Research Assistant, Solvay Specialty Chemicals Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Wish to have cap/hat or umbrella if the sun is too hot. Wish to have an example video demo for The GeoCaching Challenge! as we are new and not sure what to do? It is good to have signboard to give hint for us to serach. Wish to have a simple video demo on how to build domino so we know what to do instead of scratching our head. If possible,inclues some sport activity so all the people can enjoy.”
- Chong Peng Kong, Lab Officer , National University of Singapore

“I received feedback from colleagues that the transportation service engaged can be improved, as the driver was driving at a faster speed than expected and was anxious to drive off.”
- Elaine Ang, Research Admin Executive, National Neuroscience Institute   

“The experience felt a little too rush due to the large number of questions to be completed within only 1.5 hours.”
- Jia Xin, Tate and Lyle

“It was a bit noisy during our afternoon workshop when the students were singing outside.”
- Lim Ken, Engineer, Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd    

“Instruction was not clear during picking colour ball activity. All the teams were confused and followed their own wooden colour to pick the ball. This area can be improved. Instruction for blindfolding also not clear for the final result to attain the overlapse ropes. Some TEAM only aware of first stage to form the square and not on the stage 2 to overlapse. This could be made clear to all the teams before activity start.”
- Esther, Lead auditor, SGS International 

“Need to adjust talking speed for foreigners where English is not their first language. Facilitators speak a little too fast Some awkward moments – need to rally the audience better in the room to get better response.”
- Tan Soo Chun, Agilent Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd 

“The Facilitator did not explain the activity progress in details. We wasted a lot of time.”
- Tan Siew Keng, Supervisor, Royal Sporting Group House