Feedback – Breakfast for Champions 2017

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our programmes in 2017!

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“Points system should be implemented and points should be awarded for participation for all the dreams to answer questions. This brings up the energy level and promotes participation.”
- Jacqueline Teo, Senior Quality Engineer, YGP Pte Ltd

“Please make sure the venue is safe before proceeding. We had members running into tress at the end of the zipline. Also the venue can be improved. The energizer activity venue was not well maintaned.”
- Amy, Associate, NSI Ventures

“Some of my colleagues hardness is not checked and secured properly by the Facilitators before their went up to climb the structure. It is dangerous.”
- Wendy, Team Lead, Bank of China Limited   

“Just one small comment in case you have to plan a programme for people from mainland China again and for charades, Western movies (except the most popular) and not well known in China.”
- Rachel Tan, Rouse & Co. International LLP, Rouse Consultancy (Shanghai) Ltd    

“Please look into the food! Hotel seems unprepared to handle the volume. They were supposed to provide lunch for 50 people, but the food ran out constantly and whenever the captain was approached, he would say that the kitchen is preparing more. But it took more than 15 minutes to replenish. They should ensure better experience for the next session.”
- Jeannie Lim Poh Ling, UOB    

“Some of the pictures given to the participants for The Geocatchng Challenge! are outdated, causing a confusion among the teams.”
- Albert Loo, Emirates NBD PJSC  

“Just one comment is that there are too many activities in the afternoon(3 activities) and I feel that it was too much and not able to consume all the activities. I believe that it is better to have only 2 activities(each should be longer) for us to consume the contents of the teambuilding activities. Thank you for the great opportunity.”
- Noriyuki Shirai, MSD Singapore 

“Welcome drinks have to be provided and team building rules have to brief on site. After wash/rest rooms have to be more clean with illumination and hot and cold water.”
- Ashraf Mohamed, Manager, Total Oil Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd

“Maybe 1 or 2 more 5 minutes short break for the toilet and a sip of water would be nice. Thank you.”
- German European School Singapore  

“Good job except for the mixed up of ferry tickets at the end. Also we would have preferred if one of the staff accompanied the teams from singapore to Bintan Island as for many of the staff it was their first time and it is a bit hard to know where to queue etc.”
- Jeannette Lim, Cycle & Carriage Fulco Motor Dealer Pte Ltd

“I just felt it was activities after activities and we did not have time to really bond or get to know the other person any better from this programme. I think this is an area for improvement. Nevertheless the activities were all fun and it was nice to see my colleagues in their more relaxed self.”
- German European School Singapore

“The rule is not clear enough. There are 8 photos but the photos were separated in two slides…”
- Jocelyn Lan, Appier Inc.

“Improvement: Some holes in the wooden platform should be repaired to avoid injuries.”
- Bernard Yong, Head IT ASEAN, Bayer (South East Asia) Pte Ltd 

“The programme location is ideal. However, the outdoor grounds need to be maintained. We noticed overgrown grass and shrubs at the facility area.”
- Irfan, National Institute Of Education Singapore

“The debrief for each activities could have been done better by relating to the work environment. For example, Ding activity could have been related to clear communication and focus.”
- Joyce Tham, Manager, Career Coach, Singapore University of Technology  

“Good to have The Rafting Challenge! at Sentosa but day 1 need not be there. Instead, venue can be more accessible for similar challenges in day 1. Can use a learning journey venue.”
- Jacqueline, MOH Holdings Pte Ltd

“Would be better if there is at least 1 activity that the whole department can do together so as we could get to know each other better instead of just within the grouping that we were in.”
- Lee Jin Han, Singapore Management University

“Jeff is clearly very experienced. Jabez is enthusiastic but needs further development:
1) Spelling: Hun not fun on the board
2) Was not able to articulate clearly: First time, outside training room door, he said Are you all here? If not, then lets go! (meant the opposite). 2nd time, when explaining the Whale Watcher activity, he tripped over his own sentences.
3) Did not spot the opportunity to move the participants into the tree shade closer to the beach. Overall enjoyable!”
- Liew Li Lian, Deputy Director, Operations, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

“Provide more tips advice before the TEAM starts the journey. Considerations on why should start first or last make a big difference.”
- Joe Chiu, VP, Digital & Commercial Systems, Changi Airport Group 

“Very nice idea to combine with charity action but it would have been even better to also go there and spend some time with the kids. Another idea is also leave the participants some room for the choice of products to be purchased.”
- Phola Hem, Robert Bosch (South East Asia) Pte Ltd

“Should keep to the timing especially on the debrief.”
- Aesthetics Marketing Asia Pte Ltd

“It would be good to have some live/realistic examples from the organisation for teambonding activities. ”
- Manesh M V, Assistant Manager, Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences

“Only feedback is to have a standby safety officer available to attend to participant in event of unforeseen circumstances (e.g. when someone feels faint)”
- Stephanie Tan, Manager, Deloitte & Touche LLP

“The evacuation plan needs significant improvement. It should not be initiated by participants. It was dangerous for us to continue in the heavy rain and Facilitator on the Pyramid did not give guidelines on when evacuation will be needed. Lastly, some maintenance is needed. Some of the lines are rusty at the last tier and the wooden part on the top of the rock climb has loosen.”
- Kathy Gan, Controller, Hydro Aluminium Asia Pte Ltd

“Time for the outdoor activity is too short, it makes it very stressful and strenuous to try to complete more challenges. Too much time is spent indoor doing all the warming-up activities.”
- Vincent Chung, Applications Engineering Manager, Gardner Denver Nash Singapore Pte Ltd

“The duration can be longer… Pretty disappointed that we did not complete all the challenge stations due to the lack of time.”
- William Sim, Line Manage, Sea Consortium Pte Ltd

“I found the time taken was too short to complete the whole programme. Propose that this should be covered by at least 2 hours for the whole programme.”
- Cindy Tan, Procurement Operation Manager, Hewlett-Packard Singapore Pte Ltd

“Good: able to brainstorm ideas with colleagues. To be improve: Instruction of the last meeting point was not clear. Facilitators do not have to mention to the participants that there is dinner or near dinner place. They should just ask them to focus the star on the map.”
- Wina, Siemens Pte Ltd

“Extension in timing could have been notified earlier. Our TEAM was on our way back to base camp then we heard about the extension. There are numerous delays in receiving the Whatsapp. Improvement for the programme, better communication instead of whatsapp could be explored.”
- Khim, Engineer, Hewlett-Packard Singapore Pte Ltd

“My friends helmet (lock) was broken. Discovered when about to finish the rock climbing.”
- Nieves M. Sepulchre, Staff nurse, NUHS

“I love the programme. An escape from hectic work. However there is few points that can be improved: 1. Although we are from the same company, but many of us does not know each other. It will be really great to start of with self introduction. 2. Duration of the programme is kind of short. There is only 2 activities, The Incredible Race and The Roller Coaster Challenge! that is really needs the teamwork. But anyway we only have 1 day. So, nothing much to do about the duration. 3. WHY IS THERE NO PRIZE FOR CHAMPION TEAM?”
- Loli, Aquarist, Wildlife Reserves Singapore Pte Ltd

“The activity of trying to name the person written on a sticker and pasted on the back is not so relevant for team building.”
- Tan Soon Huat, NTU

“Would be good the Facilitator record down the learning points and relevancy to our work after each activity rather than just briefly mentioned over it.”
- Tan Soon Meng, Deputy Director, NTU

“The learning points could have been written on the white board to bring across the message to all. Should have more Ice-breaking activities to let the staff know each other better. General feedback from the staff was good. Thank you very much!”
- Merlin, NTU

“For the outdoor activity, the communication is not clear enough. It made us confused and lost because there were so many elements. There were the booklet with 2 parts, the navigation device, photo on phone and wefie but was clearly briefed.”
- Zanda, Associate HR Manager, LVMH Watch & Jewellery Singapore Pte Ltd

“It is a rather challenging activities for people who are not active.”
- Wong Wai Mun, VP Supplier Management, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

“The Roller Coaster Challenge! was quite tough. I would suggest masking tape instead of scotch tape as better hold. And a lighter ping pong or squash ball instead of tennis ball as quite heavy. Otherwise I had a blast with the Facilitator and myself all.”
- Viji, Senior Staff Nurse, NUH  

“Best Facilitators and the most fun programme I have been. But location was inconvenient. Perhaps Sembawang site will be better? Or at least the company transport has option to send us back to Zoo.”
- Sha, Keeper, Wildlife Reserves Singapore

“Overall it was a good programme. I wish room conditions were better at Bintan Lagoon Resort.”
- Jeffrey Ha, Coach Singapore Pte Ltd

“Although the activity was good but equipment were not smooth, especially the cable and hooks above head. The Facilitators on the rig, could have been more supportive considering most of the participants do not do these activities on regular basis.”
- Praveen Verma, Associate Director-Quality, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

“Morning session for the Low Element was good. But there was no proper planning for those taking Low Elements to have another good section in the afternoon. Thus only achieve 50% result. There should be more activities for this group of people that taking Low Elements programme.”
- Christina Cheong, Manager, OSIM

“To improve, can use drones to take aerial shots or better shots of participants for The Team Challenge Pyramid!”
- Vernice, Director, OSIM

“We enjoyed very much for the first session for Low Elements and find it relevant to us. However, it seems like there was no preparation for the second session for Low Elements activities thus momentum had been broken. There should be more low key session for those who not going for the Team Challenge Hourglass.”
- Christina Cheong, Manager, OSIM

“The learning activities. Will have preferred The Incredible Race segment to be a longer duration.”
- Marco Sim, Manager, Wildlife Reserves Singapore Pte Ltd

“I felt The Incredible Race! structure were not that suitable for some pioneer participants due to the long walks under the heat. The ice breaker or energizer indoor activities were the only fun factor I see that could incorporate fun with teamwork.”
- Razak Basri, IT Support Engnieer, Tanglin Trust School

“On request, made special efforts to buy hot tea coffer for breakfast, thank you. An essential element for most – perhaps it could be preempted.”
- Meng Yang, Director, Edwards Lifesciences (Asia) Pte Ltd

“Many of us were holding onto our mineral water bottles during the indoor ice-breakers, and in the end, many bottles were left on the floor/tables/chairs. Any better way to distribute these bottles?”
- Michelle Meng, Admin, Tanglin Trust School