Feedback – Breakfast for Champions 2016

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our programmes in 2016!

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“I wished the Facilitator can give more and clearer hints sometimes and also perhaps show how the challenges can be completed at the end of it! ”
- Filisa Ngoh, Project Manager , Standard Chartered Bank

“Too rushed as time given is too short.”
- Adeline Ang, Teacher, St. Margaret’s Primary School

“It was too rushed. I did not manage to get the details. It will be better if time was given for group discussions before setting off the challenge time.”
- Katherine Koo, Learning Support Co-ordinator, St. Margaret’s Primary School

“The heritage trail was awesome and the challenges were pretty cool. However, there are a bit too many instructions which could be a little confusing with 2 different booklets.”
- Safura, Bedok View Secondary School

“I feel the venue, facilities and Facilitator were good but the content was too basic for the vintage of the team members.”
- Aishwarya N, MasterCard International

“Food quality to be improved and waiting time for transport need better co-ordination.”
- Xue Jiawen, Manager, SABIC Asia Pacific

“I thought that The Incredible Race! portion was pretty fun, but would have been better if we were given more time.”
- Grace Ho, Marketing Executive, MasterCard International

“I felt that too much time was spent on the indoor activities and talks. Instead, more time should have been spent on briefing the participants on the programme itself and organising the various groupings. The organisation of the groups was messy.”
- Leon Khor, SABIC Asia Pacific

“Instructions are not so easy to be understood by some colleagues for The Incredible Race!”
- Willie, Medical System Integration Specialist, Carl Zeiss Pte Ltd

“A mix of activities and guided discussion sessions would be useful.”
- Ricky, The ABB Group

“Activities during the programme at Chinatown and Geylang could include more team challenges where the TEAM jointly needs to perform some action and take a video instead of a pure photo rally.”
- Oliver Guth, Bayer CropScience 

“Suggest to cut down number of photos for photo hunt in Chinatown. Allocate more time for participants to eat a proper lunch.”
- Lynn Ong, Head of Comms APAC, Bayer CropScience

“Need to ensure after the construction of the bicycle, how the TEAM used it. There is no interaction after finishing.”

“Most of us has problem on fixing the bicycle brake portion, which take up most of the activity time. Maybe clearly instruction can be given on the manual.”
- Carina Puan, SONY  

“My personal opinion is that the food can be improved. Overall, it was really a great experience!”
- Cui Ting, Executive, SingTel 

“Duration for The Incredible Race was a bit short. The TEAM activities indoor could be shorten so to have more time for the race. Overall still enjoyable and Facilitator is encouraging and fun.”
- Tan Sock Cheng, Officer, Bank of China

“For outdoor activities, water should be provided. ”
- Calvina, Abbott Manufacturing Singapore Pte Ltd

“There should be shuttle bus provided by the Facilitator.”
- Khairul Anshar, Senior Frontend Engineer, Emerson Process

“I suggest that the outdoor activity should be done first early in the morning as the mid day sun is very intense. It was too hot. Also at the end the Facilitator did not announce the winning team.”
- Dawn Quah, Sensory Scientist, Abbott Manufacturing Singapore Pte Ltd

“The sinks are too far away from the cooking area. It was very difficult to collect water from the washing basin in the toilet. It is also very dangerous for all to climb up and down the staircase, especially we were rushing for time.”
- Emma Poon, Executive Assistance, National Healthcare Group Polyclinics

“The washing area was too far, everything is still fine.”
- Vivian Zhuo Fenglian, National Healthcare Group Polyclinics

“The toilet facilities could be improved as the flushing system is not working well (unable to flush) which pose some inconvenience for others to use it.”
- Regina Wong, Senior HR Executive, Sumitomo Chemical Singapore

“Good programme. However, some staff may have concerns over the blind-fold segment which may be perceived to be unsafe as there were 15-20 people in the room with the blindfold, and accidents may happen.”
- Harold Fong, Supply Management, NSE Asia Products Pte Ltd

“As I was the last TEAM, I was only allowed to attempt 1 level of the Team Challenge Hourglass, which is pretty disappointing as I want to complete more levels.”
- Zhao An, Analyst

“The activities are engaging and fun. The outdoor photo quizzes are rather interesting just that 1.5hrs is a bit short to do photo quizzes and challenges.”
- Jasmine Loo, Manager, SIM University

“Good arrangement with the right pace. But maybe good to provide some additional time for unforeseen situation that may happen. Like my TEAM has to start at 2nd cage as time looks a bit short after the first team start. And we also did not have enough time to view the final video footage.”
- GIlbert Tiong, System Administrator

“Able to work together with my fellow team members, but will be better if there are inter-team activities ”
- Yap Pei Yi, Food Technologist, Mondelez Singapore

“Activities were fun. One point of improvement though. When everyone is split into teams, there should be some time given for ice breaking activities among team members to get to know each other first.”
- Yam Zienming, Specialist, Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) Ltd

“The sailing session was too long. Instead of sailing such long journey to Sentosa, probably to some places nearer with other sea activities. Uncertainty creates challenges to the leader. Activities should be injected with many uncertainties to test the Leadership role promote critical decision making. Afterall these programmes were great. Thanks for everything. :)
- Lim Teck Meng, Ministry of Defence

“The sub-activities debrief were too long. Could have kept it shorter as the final debrief was the most important part but we had to rush it due to time overrun.”
- Benson, Senior Manager, Berge Bulk

“Food quality and quantity need to be improved. Facilitator can be more engaging.”
- Leow San Ying, HR Officer, Arlanxeo Singapore Pte Ltd

“It would be nice if the programme duration is longer.”
- Julie Teng, Legal Support Supervisor, Allen & Overy LLP

“I felt that some of the earlier introduction/ice-breaker activities were not very suitable for our age group and other alternatives could have been better.”
- Jia Teo, DBS Bank Ltd

“Activities were good however time frame were too short and insufficient explanation given to the team to allow them to understand how this will bond them closer as a team.”
- Takeda

“It would be better if there are a mixture of both indoor and outdoor activities.”
- Melvin Leong, Senior Finance Officer, Raffles Medical Group

“Indoor activities in the morning is rather draggy. Perhaps should consider activities with faster pace.”
- Lim Tze Yen, Manager, Integrated Health Information Systems Pte Ltd

“Fun warm up activities however it would be good to debrief upon completion to recap what objectives were met and what are not in terms of working in a TEAM.”
- Hong Weilin, Associate, Delta Air Lines Inc

“Too rush for time and venue at Sembawang camping. It was very noisy with other group camping over there too.”
- Ministry of Defence

“The activities are too tight and at times rushing to meet the next destination. Should have better plan the different venue in view of rush hours on the road. Some of the activities were not completed due to lack of times.”
- Desmond Lim Wee How, Flight Engineer, Ministry of Defence

“Facilitator was full of energy and knew how to lighten the mood. Unfortunately it was raining and the co-operative indoor activity was not very value added nor was it relevant. It felt like the lesson was squeezed out of an impossible situation. Outdoor activities in the later part of the day could use some variance. We did the same activity 3 times per group.”
- Eugene Ong, Consultant, Rolling Arrays Consulting Pte Ltd

“The Incredible race! timing should have been extended as it is quite insufficient.”
- Farhan Othman, Process Technician, Evonik Oil Additives Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Walkie Talkie – some of them ran out of battery during the activity. Too many mosquitoes. In function room, there was also a fly. In future, it helps to inform participants to apply the repellent generously to cope with the mosquitoes.”
- Claire, AVP, Mizuho Bank Limited

“Lack of clarity on the intent of the programme, Facilitators interventions felt unnecessary and intrusive at times.”
- Martin Arias, Head of Finance and Strategy, Diageo Singapore Pte Ltd

“It will be great if there is equipment to cater for a petite size attendant.”
- Lo Siew Ding, Great Eastern Life

“Add in some outdoor activities if weather allows.”
- Tan Ke, Engineer, Delphi Automotive Systems Singapore Pte Ltd

“Select more different places nearby to hold the activities, which can create more fun.”
- Jinhui Shan, Singapore Management University

“The room was a bit too cold. Otherwise, the programme was truly enjoyable!”
- WS Ngam, Product Manager, Great Eastern Life

“Food was cold and cordial too sweet. Missing vegetarian food for 1pax. Buffet table placed near entrance to another room?”
- Tan Tock Tiong, Senior Manager, Delphi Automotive Systems Singapore Pte Ltd

“I prefer more mature experience.”
- Lin Jiawei, Student, Singapore Management University

“There were not enough drinks on the boat, everyone was really thirsty (as it was so hot!) otherwise all good.”
- Deborah Lombardo, Essilor International

“At the respective obstacles, there was not enough guidance or clarity, and there was only 3 guides supporting a large group.”
- Wouter Sieben, Training Manager, HP

“Good engagement from all staff. Please take care with the playlist of music; I had to ask for tracks to be skipped twice as they contained bad language.”
- Mark Smith, Supply PM, Diageo Singapore Pte Ltd

“Teambonding activities were good, only thing is duration slightly short.”
- Kelvin, St. Gabriel’s Secondary School

“I am not sure if the activity coincide with school core values and if so how was it communicated with so much noise in the vicinity. For fun, perhaps a great attempt, for teambuilding based on company’s core values, not sure it was achieved.”
- Shee Sc, Administrator, San Yu Adventist School Limited

“The style of programme is different from the traditional classroom type teaching. I prefer more activities and hands on type of activities. It makes me able to remember the content better and the class is not dry at all.”
- Colin Tham, Assistant, Sumitomo

“The ice breaker activities are good. but our ending was a bit disappointing as all the adults and children sat at their own table. we did not mixed around and eat together as a TEAM.”
- Veronica, Executive Assistant, GSK

“Overall, everything is brilliant but the food let us down. BBQ is a bad choice for such a big group like us. Beer is too slow and foamy.”
- Diana Ng, Customer Service Manager, Symrise Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Overall: Good programme which paid off. What needs review: Catering timing needs urgent improvement. For lunch there was not enough food. For Dinner BBQ took me 1.5 hours to get sufficient food always lining up for only 2-3 small peaces …”
- Frank, Marketing, Symrise Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Shower facilities for the ladies can be improved further.”
- Ho Tzyy Ling, Vice President, UOB

“Restroom is quite far from the activities areas.”
- Wimol Kasempatanakarn, Vice President, UOB

“There is a room for improvement for food supply (Lunch and dinner)”
- Roy Tan, Engineer, Symrise Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“One area that can be improved is to have the questions for the race printed on hard copy so that it is easier to see at one glance. The GPS navigator is also not very user friendly. Overall, the activities were fun and meaningful.”
- Eliane Yeow, School Administrator, Singapore Management University

“I think the food were cold and not hot enough to be consume.”
- Jasmine Tan, Assistant Manager, Singapore Management University

“Sometimes Translator is needed when we have different country participants.”
- Teo Wei Luen, Production Manager, KSB Distribution Pte Ltd

“Many of our participants did not managed to complete the challenges within the allocated time. ”
- Eve Lim, Executive Assistant, Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd

“Instructions for activity could have been a little bit clearer (maybe with aids of more written pointers, etc). Overall, I enjoyed the activities!”
- Yanice, Daimler South East Asia Pte Ltd

“The venue is good but in the future need to ensure that the air condition is working.”
- Ben Zamora, Quality Engineer, Thales Solutions Asia Pte Ltd

“The dormitory need to have some serious clean up.”
- Vincent Khoo, Material Planner, Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd

“Food can be better and vegetable options can be more.”
- Kalpana, Project Manager, HP PPS Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Outdoor activities that bring us out of our comfort zone. Facilitator for High Element activity not thorough in brief, instructions were incomplete and cannot differentiate between left and right.”
- Jane, Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd

“The Facilitator in charge of the High Elements programme seems to be inexperienced.”
- Geraldine Koh Siok Ping, Assistant Business Systems Manager, Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd

“The gap between lunch break to post energizer was a little long. I observed people getting lethargic and bored. I think partly because we needed to drag the time. The closing speech was missed out, but fortunately made up by the team representative to give a post programme summary. Overall, the energy level were sustainable. Thank you for all the effort and patience given from the preparation, discussion to execution.”
- Shemaiah, Project Manager, HP PPS Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“The overall programme was good, but the sand was too hot – to the point where it is not safe to walk barefooted(Blisters).”
- Bel, Manager, MasterCard International

“Overall activites went well. However, sadly the food was not sufficient. Supposed to be a BBQ meal but the fish and prawns were not enough. Mostly ended up having only rice and noodles.”
- Cecilia Lim, HR Manager, Acco Technology

“Outdoor activities were fun and the Facilitators were great. The final debriefing session where everyone was a tad draggy. For future painting programme, please ensure that the picture given and the canvas is of the same proportion.”
- YK, Sodexo Singapore Pte Ltd

“Sound system was very muffled.”
- Kenneth Lee, Rolls-Royce Singapore Pte Ltd

“Overall, the programme was fun, engaging and effective for teambuilding. Suggestions for improvement: 1. One of our staff had a bad fall in the last activity, and the follow up action by the Facilitator could have been improved. 2. Facilitators could share the strategies that could be used in the activities at the end of the session so that we can learn together e.g. Shared on the alternative methods of building good rafts, trebuchets etc.”
- Elena Tan, Head of Corporate Communications, Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

“Facilitator was amazing. Some of the icebreaker drills went on a little too long (the different handshake exercise)”
- Jacqueline LaFleur, LEI Singapore Holding Pte Ltd

“The bbq food needs improvement. Some colleagues were down with food poisoning on the next day.”
- Alliz Cheong, LEI Singapore Holding Pte Ltd

“Not sure if you had it with you on that day, but availability and a brief of a first aid kit would be great too =)”
- Wipa, Hotel Jen

“Increase outdoor activity with shelter perhaps, so that the programme can still go on when raining.”
- August Yap, Revenue Executive, Marina Mandarin Singapore

“Miscommunication on return transport caused confusion among participants and resulted some of them stranded at Sembawang MRT.”
- Maybeline, Executive, National Healthcare Group 

“Overall, it is fun. But it does not meet the objective of teambuilding.”
- Delphine Teo, Assistant Manager, National University Hospital

“Short and sweet. However, was hoping to have a longer play time and even try the High Element activity should the opportunity arise!”
- Singapore Workforce Development Agency

“Key area to improve is we should go treasure hunt in the morning. The weather is super very hot that cause me headache. Overall activity were very fun and many jokes and lots of laughing.”
- peramula Achuthan, library, Nanyang Technological University

“it would be better if we have some time to enjoy the beautiful beach scenery.”
- Poh Sze Hwee

“There should be a brief self introduction by each participant after the brief introduction of FOCUS and Facilitators. This is important for rapport building within this group which has board members staff of SAGE Counselling Centre and FOCUS staff. ”
- Elena Lui Hah Wah, advisor, Sage Counselling Centre

“Lead Facilitator is not an effective bilingual communicator, unable to engage the participants interest. Training materials/manual for mandarin speaking participants are not prepared, it limits the participation and interest of the mandarin speaking participants, hence compromising the overall effectiveness of the teambuilding programme.”
- Esther Er, Regional HR Manager, Oil States Industries Asia

“For programme going to sea, might be better to specify that the activity is going to be involved into the sea. Quite a few colleagues were not prepared for extra clothing.”
- Belina Yip, Standard Chartered Bank

“I do not think the programme has to be a sea and beach activity. Teambonding activity can be conducted on dry land. Saves a lot of hassel for us.”
- Jonathan Wee, Senior Audit Manager, Standard Chartered Bank

“It is nice to get some outdoor activities rather than being indoors, we just hope there were more time for outdoors.”
- Jaiden, Sysmex Asia Pacific Pte Ltd