Feedback – Breakfast for Champions 2015

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our programmes in 2015!

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“Can have 1 or 2 more activities? Facilitator not able to link objectives from activities to work life effectively.”
- JL, Prudential (Johnny Lam and Partners)

“I would put some sort of stickiness to the memory activity. To really be a competition, I think the activity should be achievable and also be able to name a definitive winner. I find that everybody wins philosophy a bit childish.”
- Justin Ruths, Assistant Professor, Singapore University of Technology & Design

“Language is not my mother language and it is sometimes difficult to clearly understand the points of activities. But we can enjoy because the activities were teambuilding and colleagues can hep me.”
- Kazuya Ogawa, Zimmer Pte Ltd

“Time needs to be a bit more practical for outdoor activities. Need to be a bit more clear on the activities. Waited very long time for bus pick-up from the hotel to Sentosa (about 15 mins). ”
- Zimmer Pte Ltd

“Good facility. Facilitator should have allowed the team to watch the programme video to the end instead of abruptly cutting it short due to time limitations. ”
- Perle, Pacific Refreshments Pte Ltd

“Too much walk, need more group engagement and group activity.”
- Pennapha Samalee, Marketing, Zimmer Pte Ltd

“Most of the food served in the dinner were the same as lunch. The selection of food were very limited especially for dinner. Were told no more coke when I asked for my second drink.”
- Ryan Zhuang, Assiatant Vice President, Surbana Technologies Pte Ltd

“I would think although the whole idea for crossing the 3m wall is to exercise faith and trust the spotters but I would suggest that precaution measure be considered. For example to have mattresses laid at both end in case any fall should occur.”
- Jimmy Tiu, Leader, Tabernacle Of Christ

“I believe it would be a good idea to give a small price to the winning Team at the end of the race. Not important what it is, but would be a nice touch.”
- Leslie, Manager, Holcim Technology (Singapore) Pte Ltd

1. Should allocate 10 minutes to get to know each other in the team. Another 10 minutes to other groups, so that working in a big family in Office gets familiar and better.
2. The lead Facilitator is lively but the others are just passengers going through the activity. Yes, there is FUN activity but more can be achieve!
- Richard Kho, Supervisor, SATS Ltd