Feedback – Breakfast for Champions 2014

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our programmes in 2014!

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“I think this is an interesting teambuilding activity. To further improve, here are a few suggestions:
1. Fewer checkpoints required to do the Challenge so that the teams can go to more places for higher points Food Challenges or the Challenge
2. The session can be half an hour longer
3. The GPS is not very user-friendly and accurate. A lot of time wasted to scroll down the menu and find the challenges while the GPS told us that we arrived
4. The afternoon group activities are good.”
- Lora Wong, Deputy Director, Nanyang Technological University

“Should be more outdoor activity than indoor since office personnel always in indoor, it is better to have outdoor activities with sports.”
- Zaman, Financial Analyst, Sodexo Singapore Pte Ltd

“Do let us know in advance if there are wet activities make it mandatory to bring change of clothes please.”
- Cheng Xiu Wen, Ministry of Law

“A couple of observations:
1. The supporting members during the Team Challenge Pyramid! adventure were making a numbers of mistakes in hooking up the wrong safety wire sequence resulted in delays.
2. Some parts eg. the rock climber, the screw are rusty, and the hand/foot hold were very old and insecure looking.
3. Some face lift for the equipments to look new will provide more confidence to the participants.”
- Simon Sim, Director, Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“The only downside was that 2 hours was a very limited time for a USS activity considering that the place is quite far from the function hall. People were not able to enjoy the USS rides due to time constraints which makes it not worth it to buy the expensive ticket and express ticket.”
- Xenia Gualberto, Human Resource, Cavium Networks Singapore Pte Ltd

“Some energizer activities which were fun and easy to follow – slightly disappointed when the activity had been conducted in format of quizzes instead of adaptation of the reality activity show Amazing Race.”
- Germaine Lee, Vice President, Clifford Capital Pte Ltd

“It would be good to have a debrief after EVERY activity.”
- Faustina Lim, Senior Manager, SONY

“Should have more outdoor activities. The GPS game should have a longer duration.”
- Boon Ping, Principal Executive, Ministry of Law Singapore

“Some points were recorded wrongly. Causing the 1st and 2nd place was swapped. It was awkward to ask for an exchange of prize after presentation.”
- Jennifer Low, Assistant Manager, Assa Abloy Entrance Systems Singapore Pte Ltd

“Facilitator was found not to be too eloquent, thus leading us to guess that he is pretty new or inexperience. There were some mistakes in the calculation leading to wrong distribution of prizes. Activities were swapped and thus causing great difference to the results, disappointing quite a few people.”
- Cindy Choo, Sales & Marketing Executive, Assa Abloy Entrance Systems Singapore Pte Ltd

“My team was quite co-operative. I would like to suggest prizes for top 3 winners instead of top winner only.”
- Rachel Ho, Admin & HR Assistant, MyKenzen Nutrition Services Pte Ltd

“Suggestion: The Facilitators should have shared the correct answers to the health questionnaire.”
- Jennifer, MyKenzen Nutrition Services Pte Ltd

“The Ice Breaking programme was too long. It could have proceed to the start of the race earlier such that we will be able to have more time to travel more places to complete more quests.”
- Charmaine, Regulatory affair, Allergan Singapore Pte Ltd

“Bonding within team, working together outside of work, fun.. However too little time given for actual race.”
- Eewei, Allergan Singapore Pte Ltd

“It was difficult to buy all the good food and not being able to eat it, its was actually embarassing for the less fortunate that we had to throw away such good food, maybe the appoach to this challenge could be different, such a waste. Introduction was too long, there was little time left for the actual assignments.”
- Katrien, Allergan Singapore Pte Ltd

“There was heavy rain during The GeoCaching Challenge! programme, it should be stopped immediately and transported back the participants.”
- Quek, Specialist, Apple South Asia Pte Ltd

“It was pouring heavily and no one picked up the emergency call. Expect more aid in this area. Like providing dry towels and warm drinking water.”
- Cheryl Toh, Apple South Asia Pte Ltd

“It would be better if FOCUS took each teams picture instead.”
- Erika, Procter & Gamble Co.

“The heavy rain – However would recommend to have umbrellas made available as and when there are outdoor activities. At times ponchos can be insufficient.”
- Tay Teng Guan, Apple South Asia Pte Ltd

“Nice weather but instructions could have been clearer.”
- Kristina Olaybal, Procter & Rocter (S) Pte Ltd

“There should be other activities which can involve full participation from the team members.”
- Rosmawati, Discipline Specialist, Ministry of Education Singapore

“The learning experience could be enhanced if FOCUS Facilitators have helped to draw out the learning points for the participants after the theme-based activity than to leave it for the participants to just discuss amongst themselves.”
- Lim Pek See, Senior Manager, Ministry of Education Singapore

“Some warm up before heavy physical challenge (tower challenge) is requested to better prepare.”
- Garima, IT Operations Managers, Merck Pte Ltd

“Feedback from the associates who did the archery was the area full of mosquitoes so maybe you can look into having pest control visit the site more often.”
- Catherine New, Finance Manager, AB SCIEX Pte Ltd

“Good place and good Facilitator. However the duration of activity was too short.”
- Dwi Indriyani, Mizuho Bank Indonesia

“The rules of activities need a bit more clear and strict. Otherwise it allows and encourages innovation and cheating all at the same time.”
- Dong Yun, Technical Manger, Linde Gas Singapore Pte Ltd

“To make the duration much longer and more activities.”
- Nurhuda, Guest Relation Officer, NTUC Club

“Group size is too big that instead of having everyone to name the number from their group, it is better to pre-assign the group with number.”
- Chang Mei Kheng, Secretary, Certis CISCO Security Technology Pte Ltd

“Should have 50% of outdoor activities since the venue was at Jurong BirdPark.”
- Lim Geok San, Land Transport Authority

“Time Management as the tea-break and lunch was too close together. ”
- Ko Kai Hong, Control System Engineer, Linde Gas Singapore Pte Ltd

“Impact not strong. Too few activities for such a whole day programme.”
- Walton International Group (S) Pte Ltd

“The support could be better. For example, if there are two teams to do debrief on the last day, enough rooms should be made available and not one team in air-con room and the other in non air-con room. FOCUS staff should make all effort to ensure that equipment supplier engaged by FOCUS should be in good working conditions. Two of the ATV were faulty in our experiences in Bintan. One completely broke down after about 100 meter. The other has problem with the steering wheel.”
- Tan bin Kiat, Mentor, Singapore Prison Service

“Should improve on safely aspects during activities.”
- Johnny Yap, Singapore Prison Service

“The venue is not appropriate for the activity using the rods and rubber connectors to construct free-standing object ”
- Sally Yeo, Senior Manager, Singapore Workforce Development Agency

“The race was pretty good :) Overall though, it would have been good if the activities sought to involve the whole division at the same time.”
- Land Transport Authority

“More outdoor activities would have been more fun. Thank you.”
- Ravi, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority

“More indoor activities would be preferred, as the weather was really hot and my team was assigned two outdoor activities instead of one.”
- William Lee, Head of Enforcement Department, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority

“Laser combat was nice but too short not enough time.”
- Zhu Shixiu, Customer Service Executive, NTUC Income

“The raft building activity ended earlier than expected. A longer programme may have worked better.”
- Emily Ng, Legal Officer, Petroleum Geo-Services Asia Pacific Pte Ltd