Feedback – Breakfast for Champions 2013

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our programmes in 2013!

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“Time was a little too short to complete the puzzles and all the rides.”
- Grace Quek, Teacher, Methodist Girls School

“Overall, it was a memorable two days team building activity getting to know fellow new colleagues. My only suggestion would be that perhaps we could have been given more time to get to know the people we were grouped with, rather than having to swap groupings every new activity. The interaction time was too short to even get to remember each other’s names, especially on Day 1. In my opinion, Day 2 with the longer The Geocaching Challenge! and High Elements activities presented a better half-day time for interaction.”
- Justin Lin, Engineer, Singapore Technologies Aerospace Limited

“It will be much better if more explanation is being given on what does it applies for each activity. Overall is good!”
- Lina Hj Kasbae, Transport & Customs, Manager, Volvo East Asia Pte Ltd

“Perhaps the indoor facilities especially the washrooms would need some sprucing-up as they are quite run-down. Overall it was a very enjoyable day, thanks FOCUS!”
- Alyn Ho, HR Manager, Emerson Network Power (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“The Rafting Challenge! should be on the first day as it is really fun and the duration of it should be longer.”
- Jacinthe Tay, Senior Executive, Ministry of Law

“Overall, there were good feedback for the activity. Would be better if the facilitator could share more of their observations during the activities and link it to the theme at the debrief. ”
- Poh Ai Leng, SVP, Risk Business Management, HSBC

“Can have more interactive activities for Team Building.”
- Xiao Lihong, Engineer, REC Cells Pte Ltd

“I would like the water dispenser to be upgraded. The water was not hot after some time.”
- Teresa Sia, Manager, Ministry of Manpower

“Do not use the GPS in cities with tall buildings.”
- Gordon, Atradius Credit Insurance NV

“The GPS is not working good. It shows a huge difference in the location.”
- Ong Xin Yi, Specialist, E2I

“Skipping to jump as group for ten times was quiet tiring.”
- Elsie, Coach, E2I

“Programme was well-managed although it would be better if The Amazing Race! was less intense. Too many stations with too little time to complete, considering the mix of ages within our company as it was difficult for our older employees to rise up to the challenge.”
- Sarah, Marketing Executive, E2I

“More attrative activities”
- Michelle Seah, Executive (Admin), ST Electronics

“Air-con temperature in the hotel was not very conductive. – Breakfast and dinner menu can be better.”
- Employment & Employability Institute

“Had a better experience than last year though. Compared to last year where the ice-breaker was that embarrassing for those who did not manage to find a group. (Not me but I can still remember the colleagues who made the gangnam dance). I think that the team bonding should be about learning how to harness each others strengths and not about highlighting each others flaws, even if it was just an ice-breaker.”
- Joanna Wong, Senior Manager, Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants

“This is not a pleasant experience, but just some comments. Some of the activities played had too much body contact between the men and ladies. It is only appropriate if the facilitator could have been more observant on this issue. Thanks.”
- Faaizah, Technical Admin Support, MODEC Management Services

“Just a feeback: The ladies toilet need to upgrade. Toilet bowl need to be repair.”
- Raihanah, Technical Admin Support, MODEC Management Services

“FOCUS Adventure always receive glowing reviews from colleagues who have attended their learning activities. However, a common grouse is the lack of new activities to excite staff. It would be great if the teams can offer new activities.”
- Mei See, Land Transport Authority

“The microphones were not working, sometimes quite soft. The room lights were rather dim, maybe the place I was sitting, did not provide adequate lighting.”
- Celia Tong, Executve, A*STAR Industry Development Group

“The introduction presentation was a little too long.”
- Schroder Investment Management Ltd

“What i didn’t like – Facilitator talked too much. It tooked up more than 30 minutes talking when he should have just started and went to the team building actitivity. The guests were getting impatient.”
- Marilyn Dee, Marketing Manager, Kellogg Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“One of the activities that can be improved on is The Geocaching Challenge! portion. I think at some point of time some of the people may felt a bit disengaged. The GPS apps only works for iOS devices but apparently it is not very reliable (hang a few times). But all in all, we enjoyed ourselves very much.”
- Guan Xue, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

“Equipment could be better – (e.g. by using the GPS equipment which FOCUS used to provide instead of participants iPhone)”
- Russ, Manager, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

“Not answering to the main questions but I would still like to feedback. Overall, the facilitators are able to communicate well enough except for one. The lead facilitator is quite interesting and entertaining but until he added on his views to my colleagues speech. The whole incident gave me points to ponder.”
- Ng Hui Wei, Schroder Investment Management Ltd

“I think the venue and duration require some more thought given the nature of the training. we were trying to cram too much into a short time and everything was a bit hurried. overall, it was a pleasant experience with the team.”
- Premal Patel, Business Consultant, Schroder Investment Management Ltd

“Should have some short break time. And some pre-notifications to participants of what are the alternatives in case of wet weather.”
- Ong Lay Nah, chemist, Ethone Chemistry

“We should sit down when reflecting on the last activity. There was a lot of standing throughout the afternoon. The warm up in the beginning that require massage should be removed. Too much physical contact amongst colleagues, not welcomed. Also, female massaging a male colleague? That’s not Teamwork. Actually i felt uncomfortable to start with. Failed to pick our members that is disengaged. Need more discussion on what works and how memebers can play their part.”
- Jennifer Ong, Director, ACRA Singapore

“Food and drinks need a lot of improvement.”
- Norain, Management Executive, Novartis Singapore

“1. Too much standing; 2. Participants do not like the massage part or the hand shake part during the warm up exercise.”
- Tony Poh, Auditor, ACRA Singapore

“The original planned and said was not actually performed. First half of the day, there is no points system that was used for the second part of The Cooking Challenge! The judging requirement for The Cooking Challenge is totally a failure as everything was purely based on votes instead of a panel of judges who is not participating and judge based on the requirement stated out (taste, presentation, creativity, cleaniness, wasteage). The challenge is too simple and should have been more organised.”
- Luee Kay Sian, Principal Engineer, Global Foundries Singapore

“I am not the participant but the organizer. Feedback from team, The Rafting Challenge! is too short which turned out quite boring and not challenging.”
- Sharifah Juwita, Executive Secretary, BIOTRONIK International

“Need to check weather forecast for outdoor activities. We could have switch the outdoor (after lunch) to morning (sunny instead of raining in the afternoon)”
- Gelvis Lim, Managing Director, Aesthetics Marketing Asia

“Duration is too short – will be better for 1/2 day programme.”
- Khoo Sui Leng, Vice President, Estee Lauder

“Location was a bit far off. It took us more than 1 hour to get back to office. The duration of the programme could have been shorter to enable us to leave slightly earlier to beat the peak hour traffic.”
- Jackerina Lim, Assistant Director, Ministry of Trade and Industry

“Ice Breaking Session is a bit long. Should cut down the number of programs for this session.”
- Jane Cheong, Office Manager, AEW Asia Pte Ltd

“More outdoor activity will be good.”
- Desmond Peng, Personal Assistant, TUV SUD PSB

“Liked the outdoor activity but it was a bit too short and rushed. Thanks.”
- Sharon Leong, Quality Executive, TUV SUD PSB

“Should involve more group activities and the programmes duration should be longer, maybe 2 or 3 days instead. And maybe we can change the group member once a while so that we can get to know everyone better or closer.”
- Su Mei, Finance Executive, TUV SUD PSB

“The Pulau Ubin trip can be longer.”
- Susan Tang, Senior Executive, CapitaMalls Asia Limited

“The venue should be outside”
- Nghi Truong Vinh, Personnel Manager, Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd

“Pace was a bit slow to start – could have done more shooting rather than the little activities up front.”
- Ayumi, General Manager, Bayer Healthcare

“Correct your website; every time I have to login; I have to fill this survey :@”
- Merck Pte Ltd

“Overall Time was too tight for one day. Other wise things ran well and was ok.”
- Chew Yew Guan, Manager, Merck Pte Ltd

“Could have bring participants to venue by transportation to cut down the overall time allocation.”
- Shell

“The time given to play is a bit short. It will be better if we could extend the activity was excellent..”
- Haslinda, Facility Executive, NTUC

“Suggest more fun and less competitive race.”
- Aussie, Shell

“Not enough time to try all the stations. Wasted a bit of time at the beginning of the activity.”
- Perlyn Soong, Secretary, Chevron

Halfway through the USS, starts to rain. The lunch location is too far away from USS.
-Sim Kee Eng, Sales and Marketing Administrator, Kimberly Clark