Feedback – Breakfast for Champions 2012

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our programmes in 2012!

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post-activity review is lacking
-Jason Ong

Location was good. Instructions were a little unclear initially but became easier to understand once we got the hang of it.

Fun activities but the surface of the balancing log could be improved to prevent participants from getting splinters into their palms.
-Eric Chan

The clues needed to be more intellectual rather than just photo clues meaning – it needed to call for some smart thinking on the participants side rather then needing to just run around.
-Raghavendra Narayan, VOLVO

The Cooking Challenge! equipment are not in good condition. Knives, scissors peelers are blunt and the cutting boards are dirty. Safety and hygiene should be priority for such event.
-PA to Director, MOM

Some utensils were dirty, perhaps the kitchen could be in better conditions.

Though we were advised that the teams will be captured on photos/videos when the event was in motion, apart from the Luge, there was not even 1 photo/video showing TEAM 4 in the challenge which was of regret.

Some of the rules of the game were not explained very clearly.

I had a really good time, the Facilitators were funny and helpful. However, instructions could have been made clearer for geocaching and whether or not we shared our answers as an objective for team building, it might have been better if we had more time. I also liked my team a lot so thanks for the randomization. Overall, it will be something that I would like to participate in again. For ideas, maybe you want to consult tv game shows? It doesnt have to be big scale though.

The duration of the course is too long, it will be nice if it can reduce to a half day course. Other than that, the food is fantastic and mouth-watering. the video section is a surprise for every participants. Keep it up!

Food not enough only a few toilet.
-NTUC Income

The food is too plain.
-Christine Chua, Admin Clerk, NTUC

Improve on time management so to fill up the time with more activities.
-Azleen, Reservation service executive , Far East Hospitality

Aircon slightly too cold. Should have inform us earlier to bring jacket / sweater.
-Amy Low, Snr Exe Asst, A*STAR

Navigation equipment(GPS) used is not user friendly v slow – Teams that did not come back as a Team lost/ditch their older Team mates along the way did not look after them. What is the purpose of all this challenge if the Team meates did not finish the task together, cut off the deemed weakest link no matter who is in your Team, the objective is to create a win has the Team finish together this is lacking in many Teams was not emphasis or encourage when the Teams return with the result.
-Catherine Kok, Snr A/c Exe, PCS

It would be helpful if the debriefing could link up the activities and learning points with daily work so that the staff are better able to relate what they have done to what they have learned.
-Dolly Lim, GM, Chin Yuan Metal

Could do further with more teaching experience.
-Alvin Lim, Business Devt Manager, Chin Yuan Metal

Cover less distance during The Geocaching Challenge!, as there are physically unfit Participants.
-James, AVP, PCS

The outdoor 1 hr (12 noon to 1 pm), is too rush and shd be slotted during mid-morning instead.
-Felicia Yong, HR Manager, PCS

Equipment were not great at all.
-Tajinder, Tech Support Engineer, ABB

The program seemed a little lacklustre. The activities were not adequately exciting or challenging. Some Facilitators were not very clear when giving out instructions.
-Aisyah Omar, Physiotherapist, SGH

Not too strenous BUT i think there was not enough drive in the Facilitators. Debrief doesnt seem effective. No impact.
-Felicia Seet, Senior Physio, SGH

Better if there were more physically challenging activities and vary the activities more- I have tried some of them before.
-Wong So San, Manager, IE Singapore

The duration of the outdoor programme can be longer.
-Jasmine Tay, Competitive Intelligence Specialist, ABB

The programme is the same as last time.
-Loo Yew Tuck, PSS, IHIS

Though Day 1 started – in my opinion – a little frivolous, just a little – the activities helped break ice and jokes cracked by Fabian helped lighten the mood. We relaxed quickly.
-Tan Lay Leng, Senior Teacher, TKPS

The followings are not so pleasant experience: 1. Debriefing time after each activity is important for learning but not sufficient time. 2. Need sufficient Facilitators (observers) to share their observations of behaviours share improvements etc.
-Michael Long, Manager, IHIS

Put more activities in the programes..
-Ramlan Bin Eseh,Staff, Keat Hong

However, before we set off, already uncovered – through google – 5 answers. Suggestion: Get participants to pose at location and send image via iphone. In this way, participants are forced to locate answers at the specified locations. Otherwise, it might be just a finger-clicking exercise. Lead Facilitator might consider explaining relevant learning points at greater length. He used 3 minues to talk abt Experiential Learning and 20 min on photo/videography.
-Tan Lay Leng, Senior Teacher, TKPS

Meals provided, although quality can be improved.
-Kwang Jia Yi, Assistant Scientist, HSA

Facilitator was not really able to draw out response of discussion on values/sch culture. Discussion could be conducted in a more in-depth manner. Time spent on jokes were a little too long.

Feedback: The key Facilitator, Jay could have been more smiley and less fierce-looking throughout the event.That could have warm up the crowd faster. Overall experience, VERY GOOD ! Thank you !
-Steven Wong, Training Manager, Manulife Financial

I was in Team 4 (final Team) in the morning session before lunch for the Team Challenge Pyramid activity. Regret to know that even though we were soaked in the rain for an hour but there was no single picture taken for our Team. The photographer should take few pictures before the rain started.
-Christy, Staff, HAWORTH

In-door Team building activities. Please avoid having outdoor activities before indoor activities. I catch a cold when go into air-con room after outdoor activities and perspired a lot.
-Toh Poh Choo, Manager, IHIS

We used to have some simple activities before giving proceeding to give out the certificates when all are gathered. I did not see them this time…
-Li Song Yeoh, Manager, Qualcomm

Just being in Club Med was good enough. :)
Although the course would have been better if it was a full-day one.
-Kenny Lee, System Analyst, IHIS

Keep on creating great programmes.
-Gunawan, CP, CPF

The Cooking Challenge: Keep utensils clean.
-Linda Tan, HEO, CPF

Duration is too short. Too much time spent on warm up activities. main activity is too short with 25 minutes interaction with few colleagues.

The Rafting Challenge! was fun and certainly enabled team members to interact in the group. However, the way the challenge was handled was a little disappointing. All groups were not ready when the challenge started. Besides, the Facilitators had no way of identifying which groups were executing the challenge correctly in order to judge the winning Teams.

Refreshment is disappointing Insufficient time, too rush.
-Kristy Goh, Sales Ops Director, EMC

Debrief is not appropriately applied. Questioning technique need improvement.

I thought the kitchen equipment can be better.
-Evelyn, Manager, CMA

Facility : Air con was not functioning well in the room (3rd Floor) for more than 111 persons. Activities: Activities on beach and in the room were interesting and fun. Time management: Towards the end, we were rushing for time and the presenter never really create impression for the morale of the activities and what the relationship with the Johari Chart (communications?)
-Ang Soon Hong, Project Manager, IHIS

Perhaps should summaries and highlight the key point of the activities are for us to see that each individual plays a part and there must be communication between other departments to make things work better instead as an individual dept.
-Jeanette, Admin officier, IHIS

Since venue is held at Sentosa, activities can be improved playing in the Sentosa beach area instead.
-Heng Ngan Eng, Senior Quality Associate, MSD

Have a longer duration!!! It was fun, but duration too short… =(
-Rabiahtul Adawiyah , Operation Assistant, MSD

Sometime it felt more like an orientation camp or like a mini DD. Also the activities are too frequent.
-Ren, Assistant Manager, SONY

Great bunch of Team. While I like the choice of locations, perhaps they could have been closer to the end point in office.

My Team mates! By the way, the feedback form is not that relevant for a Team Building course such as this one.
-Chang Hung Mui, DD, MAS

P/S: It would give a very personal touch if the certificates given out have surname on them. Mine didnt and if feel that if the agency didnt give it correctly, a pro-active approach from FOCUS Group to get them would be nice.
-Natalie Lee Sidik, Staff, GREY

Not enough Facilitators to conduct the games for the 100+ pax. Lead Facilitator has to rush down to facilitate the side activities then rush up to present the rewards himself. The Teams have to wait for him before next teams can proceed. There were barely 15 mins left when the 2nd group reached the conference room to be given the rewards. Note that the rollercoaster activity has been played by some of the Teams in Team bonding session this year. Overall ok but can be better.
-Joshua, Program Manager, IHIS

Well planned out activities. Its a pity that our team is not able to complete the whole course. Hope we are give more time. Its enjoyable and fun. Well done.
-Goh Cheng Hsien, Staff, SUPREME COURT

The meals provided not up to standard.
-Sharguna, FOM, Costa Sand

The venue experience frequent power trip. As such i put 2 for the training equipment.
-Ryan, Asst Director, SUPREME COURT

Air-con rooms and clean toilets.
-Lim Cher Yeow, Head Chinese Interpreter, SUPREME COURT

May the course selected or the objective defined were not matching, I believe it can be improved.
-Akbar, Project, BAYER

The GPS equipment should be tested regularly to ensure that information is updated and relevant.
-Soh Poh Chew, IT Consultant, IDA

One of the Facilitators was unable to speak English, and another Facilitator had to take over. Maybe too nervous…
-Chew Tien Beng, System Analyst, MOM

There could be point man deployed at various waypoints for better Facilitation. Mini-games by the main Facilitator was fun and it was effective in warming up the guys. Team building was achieved but there was no contents through The Geocaching Challenge! that we could related back in operations. Perhaps, the planning can be more innovative and go the extra miles to understand CAS (Certis CISCO Aviation Security) operations and inject, for example, some QAs within the activities.
-Lee Shi Ming, OC T3, Cisco

The Team building activities are not as fun as compared with the pervious years advanced I have attended.
-Star, EHE, NEA

Did not go for the boat ride but was replace with indoor activity instead. Which is good. But it would be better if they had replace the outdoor activity due to rain for another alternative adventure or activities.
-Erma Adam, Sada, LTA

The time limit from one station to another is very tight, as walking from one station to another has taken up almost half of the 20 minutes. Understand this is the challenge of the activity but think it will be group to extend the activity to slightly longer per station
-Venise Cham, Staff, APPLE

The Laser Combat Challenge! is fun and highly interactive. I suggest the duration should be extended and put more obstacle to make it more challenging.
-Mohamed Nurazimi, Staff, SPS

Water should have been distribute either at the beginning or at each challenge where people are stopping anyway…
-Willi Lendzian, Staff, ALFA LAVAL

Point to note: *Food for 88 paxs does not seem sufficient though we end up having only 77 paxs for attendance.
-Senior Manager, CERTIS CISCO

The duration of The Banana Boat Challenge! should continue to be extended after the activity is over to freely allow the participants to row further and hence interact and co-operate more which is an effective learning experience.
-Lai Chee Leong, HPEO, LTA

Food is not good very oilly. Should change the food caterer.
-Lee, Technical Section, LTA

However, I do question the effectiveness of the boggle game for the purpose of Team Building. Having said that, it was a memorable session and thanks for that!

Need to remind us the time constraint when necessary, esp the first day – to reach camp site before night fall.
-Lim Tee Hock, OC RRO, PRISON

To ensure the power supply are stable.
-Alvin Tan, Project Manger, LTA

No debrief.
-Mareike Loch, VP Marketing, ZIMMER

We spent too much time to figure out the GPS tools and the map and trying to locate the check points. This dilute the fact for having fun travelling around the Sentosa.
-Jeanie Shiu, Staff, YAHOO

Would have been better if the scoring of the points were explained – some groups did not know why they won although they did not attempt any of the challenges. Will also be interesting to have the answers to the all the questions in the booklet.
-Chan H N, Regional Controller, GE

Improve training equipments.
-Mustafa Shaik, Senior Software Engineer, DTS

I do agree its fun, but then the Facilitators did not explain clearly of the activities’ instructions and did not explain why or how the activities were played and why it ie played. No debrief after all, timing not very well-planned. Some stations got to wait long for other teams to finish.
-Aries Tan, Marketing Support, ZIMMER

After the first execise the Facilitator took time to talk to the Team about the exercise, what was practised and how that could also apply in a working environment …. for the remaining 4 exercises no explanation was given which was disappointing.
-Mareike Loch, Staff, ZIMMER

Toilet could do with a bit of upgrading though eg some hooks to hang clothes while bathing or a small shelf to put things.
-Lim Ban Hoe, Group Director, IE

Possible to fine tune program, to meet group specific needs.
-Ganesh Ramaswamy, Regional Operations Manager, Shell

Just a minor comment about the back sink in the cooking area. It would have been better if the sink tap is installed closer to the user and fallen dead leaves cleared. Anyway, thanks for conducting the event for us.
-Prisca Teng, F&A Manager, Morning Star

Experienced the programme that will be run with executive groups.
-Lynn Sadler, Group Coach, Insead.