Feedback – Breakfast for Champions 2010

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our programmes in 2010!

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Time allocation was too short. This resulted in Teams not being able to attempt most of the challenge. Nonetheless,this could be attributed to certain constraints that may not be within control.
-Shakila, UOB

To provide winning prizes for the amazing race game too…

The lead facilitator seems a bit impatient to the organisers (myself) questions and request.
-Angel Tan, At-Sunrice

Outdoor activities could be organised in the morning when the sun is not that strong.
-Esther Ong, MOM

Perhaps some pre-activities mass warming up will be fun and helpful. : )
-OW KHIAM WEI, Infineon

More Toilets
-Wil, Infineon

The Facilitator can be more exciting and interact more with the participants
-Ho Teng Seng, UOB

The floor for numbers taging is too slippery .
-Irin Tan, Halcon Primo Logistic

I think the group is too big, and just one day is not sufficient to really have a good feel of all the activities..
-Tan Hang Song, Halcon Primo Logistic

The Facilitators were friendly but i guess without the rainy weather they might be able to follow some of the Teams around. I guess that would be a better experience. As some of our actions are not capture while we are in USS.
-Eleen, NOL

Most of the time, the Team was not together for the Team Building activity.
-Gary, NOL

Many of the activities were drawn out too long. People were ready to move on to the next activity well ahead of some activities. Overall session could be shortened 30-60 minutes with same impact.
-Richard, Exxonmobile

A debrief should be done at the end of the program to get the Team share the learning points. The challenges encountered faced or interesting findings while working as a team. Reiterate the importance to all the importance of cross Team synergy.
-Tan Yen Nei, NOL

I feel that at the beginning of the session, time is somewhat wasted with the talking and cheering before w were allowed to move outside to start The Geocaching Challenge! Maybe this session can be shortened, so that we can complete the whole Team Building activity earlier, to allow us to have our own activity such as exploring the area by our own – especially when we were in an overseas resort. The whole afternoon activity ended rather late, in my own opinion.

Friendly facilitators. But GPS could be more user friendly.

Nothing has a deep impact on me. I just learnt some lessons from the number game within the boundaries and building the rollercoaster.
-Lim Cheng Keong, IMRE

To perform as an effective team is emphasized here. But debrief of the activities are not so clear.
-Marcus, LTA

The group size was too large. Could have had much better activities if the size was smaller.

The facilitators were friendly and efficient. But its a pity that there was no outdoor height activities.
-Wong Zheng Zheng, IMRE

The timing and content of the activities need to be improved as most of the activities are quite boring. It may be due to the inexperienced Facilitator.

The food during lunch was too salty. During tea break, there weren’t enough fork to go around, and i had to use the teaspoon to pick up my bee hoon.
-Colin Sng, IMRE

The Lead Facilitator’s instruction and activities’ rules were not clearly addressed.
-Sunny Png, Bayer

Better food. No one wants to eat beehon in the morning then again after lunch :)
-Arthur Jon Joseph L De La Cruz, Singtel

There are too many activities and make each too short for the group. But in all, I do enjoy the time spending there.

Do improve on food, as it was too oily.

Duration was too long. The Incredible Race! after the rain was not that comfortable as the area was wet and muddy.
-Shi Li, OCBC

For the GPS – a couple of the way points are outdated :)
-Simon Chua, OCBC

Should have take into consideration the weather, participants age so as to better plan for the type of activities.
-Gah Wai, Singtel

High Elements were fun. The Incredible Race! was passe.
-Ng Shin, Singtel

It may be a good idea to have treasure hunt for Team Building!
-Shirley, LTA

The activities are indeed bond-building! but would prefer more outdoor activities.

Background and color of words in background can improved.

Should have more exciting games like ATV.

Thank you to the Facilitators, James, Adam and FOCUS Team with special thanks to Ketut who took great pictures for us all. Thank you so much! The venue is a bit worn off though, it can be better hopefully. Thank you all!!
-Li Wei Ni, A*Star

Debriefing session after lunch can be shorter and more concise. Overall, it was a fun experience
-Jasmine, A*Star

Would have preferred to have more outdoor activities.

Training cabins should have mosquito traps.

All the activities were fun and also required lots of effort and energy. But there is no reward or appreciation given to teams. It need not be a expensive reward (e.g stationery). I would think a small appreciation to the top 2 or 3 teams will add more motivation.

The chairs in the room are fragile.. Limited spaces tables when having meals/tea break.
-Lim Guey Long, Alcatel

Overall, The Team Building Challenge! was well done and am looking forward to the next retreat! In the future, FOCUS should include some other adventurous activities! A pity the retreat was a bit too short.

Some explainations are not really clear before the activities start.

The Energizers were a great ice-breaking tool for all. However it was a pity the video was blurred. This needs improvement.

If there could be more outdoor activities, we would have even more interaction and fun.
-Eileen, Sony

The photos took rather long to upload.
-BNP Paribas

The universal studio experience was great but we didn’t manage to explore the place. We had time for only a few pictures and shows. Perhaps we could have cut down on the ice breaker games in the focus office.

The selection for food could have been better.
-Adeline, NETS

During the refreshment, only hot tea was provided and no water was to be found. I felt that it would have been better to have cold drinks or water on the standby as everyone were already feeling hot and bothered after the event.

Food selection was poor as we had expected cold drinks to be served after the team event.
-Sheena, Cartus

It will be good if the Lead Facilitators are able to tell participants if certain activities example e.g. walking with the wooden planks and pick up balls are not good for people who has injuries like. back problem beforehand. Participants are not aware what the impact can be like until they are doing the activities. Other than that I have no other comments. Overall the event was good.
-Bank of Toyko

I’d enjoy it even more if all members have the opportunity to try out high elements =)

I think it will be more fun if it is a overnight trip with more challenges.

The food was could have been better. Although it was not your fault , the rain made it a tad disappointing. The Lead Facilitator Shan was amazing! The FOCUS Team was great as well. I would do this again!
-Laura Howard, ECI Telecom

The GPS didnt work well during The Geocaching Challenge! One section was closed, and we were not informed. Hence there was some time spent looking for it.
- Lion Global Investor

The videographer and photographer could have been better trained at taking motion pictures/videos.
- Volvo

It would have been better if everything was done at a slower pace, and a more orderly manner.
- Lion Global Investor

When the main activity was being carried out, it would be more polite if the rest of the Facilitators sitting at the back look a bit more interested as I can understand that they have been conducting the same activity many times and it can be rather monotonous.
-Vivien, DBS (Credit Operations)

The rope down Parkour should perhaps trained in two steps – one easy for training and one real one.
-Reiner Moritz, Bosch and Siemens

It would be nice to improve the indoor room conditions (size and cleanliness) and facilities (a proper break out area for tea break lunch).
-DBS (Credit Operations)

Maybe there should be an increase in duration and have more challenges along the way.

The shower was bad as the water flow was not very good.

I hope the toilets will be renovated soon.

For the final rafting, those not so fit might have really suffered.
-George Khoo, International SOS

It would have been better if the period is extended with more outdoor activities.
-Jovine Ho, Asia Pacific Breweries

Would be good if there was a comprehensive wrap-up after the rollercoaster exercise, learning points from the exercise ( from this group and previous groups), objectives of the exercise etc…It would definitely make the experience and learning more tangible in terms of takeaways…
-Cheng Shin Joo, UBS

The Downside was the frequent temperature change from moving in and out of the air-conditioned premises (sizzling hot outside) which gave me a headache.

The Blindfold Square activity was not very effective as everyone was blindfolded, resulting in some people giving up. As everyone was blindfolded, leadership opportunities could not be shown.
- Singapore General Hospital

As our group was too huge, it was inevitable that we may have made some felt left out while some others were championing the sessions throughout. But it was fun on the whole. Good efforts.
-Eileen Quek, Ops Manager, Knight Frank Estate Management

The training course was a little too short, hence there was not enough time to get to know everyone.
- Lye Zhi Hui, Work Pass Division, Ministry of Manpower

It would be better if the Lead facilitator was able to relate each activity to the real life situation.
-Florence Lee, Changi General Hospital

We did the program 2 years ago with your organization and there was some repetition in the indoor segment. In the future, you should avoid repetition and include other elements.
-Holger Roessner, Advanide

Maybe we can restructure the programme to tie in with the Team Building concepts (forming, storming, norming and performing) that were introduced at the beginning of the programme.
- Law Chee Kiang, Singapore Prison Services

During The Geocaching Challenge!, different group should be assigned to different locations to look for the items needed. That will make the group work together more efficiently.
- Lydia Yeo, Singapore Land Authority

It was unfortunate that the outdoor activities couldn’t be carried out due to the rain.
- Frank Chang, National Trades Union Congress

There should be a session to introduce everyone at the start.
- Duke NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore

Too bad it rained! Then we could have gone outdoors!! But overall very fruitful and fun.
- Duke NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore

The programme duration should be reduce by 0.5day.
- Duke NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore

The Team Building programme should include a session to introduce all colleagues in a fun way. Not self introduction but through games to know each other.
- Land Transport Authority

I suggest improvements on the afternoon tea break. I think the ingredients can have slightly larger portion.

Duration should have been little longer.
- Ajith Raghavan, SOCOMEC

I wish we could have more time to play POWER PAINTBALL. The aim to get a flag is often easily achieved. Our second game was practically done under 1 minute. The paintball suits were worn down and smelly. If the equipment was better maintained, the experience would have been an excellent one.
- Lee Mei Teng, Supreme Court of Singapore

Food served can be improved.
- Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority

The Team Building programme should be a full day training to allow us to learn more things, have fun and experience an exciting journey.
- Zalinah Leman, Singapore Land Authority

For effective Team Building, I felt that The GEOCACHING Challenge! may not be the best group activity. On hindsight, the localized outdoor group activity will meet the objective better.
- Singapore Land Authority

More time on The GEOCACHING Challenge! So that all teams can complete the 4 zones and challenge games. More cold drinks will help.
- Teo Hock Kee, Singapore Land Authority

Some activities were too short and we had to rush through them. e.g. The role play to tackle work issues and The GEOCACHING Challenge!
- Singapore Land Authority

Snacks in between will help.
- W. R. Grace

The food seems a bit insufficient and there isn’t a proper dining area. It would be great if you guys can join us in the makan.
- Tan Kok Tiong, Singapore Land Authority

Ensure a constant supply of drinking water at all rest points and that there are safety nets around the structure. And that the instructors are helpful and qualified.

The Team Building activities were a useful means to reflect on aspects of high team performance, mental models, etc. Unfortunately, time was limited and individual reflection sharing was not as pervasive as I would have liked it to be. Nonetheless, a very worthwhile experience.
- Alphonsus Pang, Mindef Corporate Development and Services Division

As participants we weren’t clear on how wet/dirty we would be getting. Being able to be more prepared would have been helpful e.g. being able to bring a towel!

To ensure power supply remains stable and not trip several times during the cooking challenge. Overall, highly enjoyable experience!
- Mindef Corporate Development and Services Division

The activity LEGO SERIOUS PLAY was a bit boring, not everyone was interested with playing Lego and some of the participants lost their interest before the tea break.
- Land Transport Authority

The release-result session after The Cooking Challenge! took too long. I felt that the facilitator was a bit long-winded. Overall the cooking sessions itself was too short and did not have enough “kick”. However the morning session and the MAPS were good. The presentation was good and the pace is just right.
- Land Transport Authority

Great training, Restroom however should be well maintained and clean.
- W. R. Grace

The session should involve more outdoor activities.
- Sony

Facilities were good and if there is any helpful feedback for FOCUS Adventure, it will be the coffee breaks. After many physical activites, the items for the breaks could be better. Just an observation, not a deal breaker.
- Jay Tee, Sealed Air

More outdoor and more challenging activities. Team members should be rotated more frequently
- Hamidah, Land Transport Authority

Although the participants were from the same sub-group, we do not know everyone. There should be a round of self introduction at the beginning of the programme.
- Land Transport Authority

One of your staff should accompany each group while doing The Geocaching Challenge. Alot of time and effort wasted as we encountered difficulty locating a particular place. Nevertheless it’s quite fun.
- Land Transport Authority

The available time was not well utilized. Found that there is wasted time left in between the activities that resulted in the course ending late. Should timekeep to ensure the activities are running smoothly and according to schedule.
- Cammy, Land Transport Authority

I feel that 1 day of activity is abit too short. It would be more fun if outdoor activities were included.
- Sony

Improve the condition of the toilets.
- Bernadette, Sealed Air

More fun and getting to know people more
- Lim Ming Choo, Sony

To create more challenging activities for participants to think and be more creative.
- Sony

1. Improve on the ground conditions – grow more grass and ensure that it is maintained like any other golf courses. 2. Restroom conditions need to be look into. 3. The location need to be brighten up to provide a more condusive environment. 4. Have a variety of Team Building activitiess using in-door facilities rather than outdoor activities.
- Charles Yap, Flowserve

Better food and drinks.
- Ministry of Manpower

To improve the toilet facilities.
- M KALATHAVI , Land Transport Authority

If a debrief was done after every activity to emphasize the importance of that activity on teamwork, it would have been great.
- Land Transport Authority

Making the people have a self intro with name and department.
- Housing and Development Board

Hope to have more outdoor activites rather than indoor activities.
- Housing and Development Board

it was a good expierence, but the outdoor activities like treasure hunt,time was too short, i think outdoor activties need longer time.
- Land Transport Authority

Any chance of having future Team Building programme inside Resort World Sentosa (theme park)?
- Vincent Ong, Land Transport Authority