Feedback – Breakfast for Champions 2009

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our programmes in 2009!

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The Amazing Race could be done within Sentosa itself. It was really wasted to have a course in Sentosa, but to go back to the main island to play games. The facilitators could hand out rewards- ie, fruits, biscuits, etc after solving each puzzle.
- Land Transport Authority

Groups should not be required to queue for a challenge.
- NTUC Income

I would prefer to have the challenge stations centralized at one particular spot as they were too time consuming.
- Cindy Ong, NTUC Income

Keep innovating new activities and ideas.
- Derek Tang, Cooper

The equipments could have been better maintained as they look as if they would fall into pieces soon, but otherwise, it was an extremely enjoyable Team Building experience and journey to go through.
- Zheng Wenjie, Ministry of Manpower

I suggest that the lead facilitator ask the team crews to standing in front when introducing so that we can see them. More friendly. Thank you
- Joanna, Land Transport Authority

To brief all participants before distributing all the gadget/stuff that require their attention
- Aneza, Land Transport Authoirty

Would want to try more bosterious activities, like climbing, and want to experience difficult games like struggling to hurdles.
- Burger King

Instructions provided could have been clearer. In addition, the course should include more meaningful games to provide participants with a memorable experience and takeaway lesson.
- Land Transport Authority

More time for the Amazing Race Challenge, as the time was too short to cover uncertain areas.
- Land Transport Authority

The first activity should have been allocated more time so as to allow participants more time to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding.
– Land Transport Authority

Hopefully, the Team Building programme can be spread over 2 days (stay over at sentosa for 1 night), and all of us can get to know each other much better
- NTUC Income

Perhaps some light refreshments after the course would be good.
- Belle, Singtel

Most of them feel that The Geocaching Challenge was too short and they just wish that they could have more time for this activity. However, we receive two small negative feedback from our second day team. (1)There isnt any coffee provided during lunch. (2) One bus headed to HarbourFront directly without coming to HSO to pick up the staff.
- Don Ong, Land Transport Authority

Have more interactive games among the partcipants
- Linda Lum, Markem Imaje

To start the programme with what you hope to expect from today? And end it to see if the programme managed to meet the desired objectives.
- Johannes Hackl, Doka International

Have more games so that we can learn more about it is through these games that allows us to notice things which we often oversee…things which are right in front of us all the time…
- Clement Teo, M Hotel

Some of the ladies did not like the idea of having to come into contact with sea water and in one of the challenges, the distance was a little far for us to run to collect the water.
- Joel, Phillip Futures

The only thing was that some of the indoor games planned due to external climate condition could have been more innovative and still achieve the same result which outdoor game can produce. Since some of those games planned are quite common, most of us have already played them before.
- Rakesh, Central Providence Fund

More roadblocks type activities should be incorporated
- Aziz Sulaiman, Land Transport Authority

To have the Team Building programmme for three days
- Central Providence Fund

Inform participants on the objective of The Cooking Challenge! before the start and at the end of the programme

My first encounter with FOCUS in 2006 was great. It was my first time then and I really enjoyed it. However in the second round – my expectation was much higher and sadly to say I was slightly disappointed with some of the activities – planned. 1) International Handshake, the ice breaker, i feel that another game might be better as we known each other relatively well 2) Minesweeper – could have been better organised. Too many rules and the facilitator allowed too many teams to participant at same time which caused some confusion.
- Serene Yeo, Standard Chartered

Unfortunately, it was raining thus we were unable to have any outdoor activities. The indoor activites were a cliche. We have played several of them at other Team Building programmes.
- Changi Airport Group

Let the teams know about the points system right from the start as there was no mention of it until the winninng team was announced to have 250 pts. Facilitators could also come in to explain or help out in some activities organised by the CDC committee as there was inadequate manpower at times.
- ComfortDelGro

The dinner buffet was cold and i had to walk long distance to the FOCUS site.

Have more water activities and outdoor activities
- Nur Suhardi, Community Development Council

Let us know the results of each activity played
- Land Transport Authority

The briefing given prior to the start of the Geocaching Challenge! was not entirely clear to the participants.
- Standard Chartered Bank

Have more prizes for the winners and souvenirs from FOCUS Adventure like a shirt printed with “I went for FOCUS Adventure’s Team Building challenge!
- Burger King

For the Blindfold squares activity, eye covers should not be shared as it can be unhygienic.
- SingTel

For short personnels have smaller steps
- Noorazizah Binte Tajudin, AREVA

The waiting time in between activities was a little too long. To counter this, I suggest having more short activities. Overall, I still really enjoyed this Team Building programme.

Should have mix and group individuals from different departments so that there will be opportunity to interact with everyone.
- Citibank

Hope to be able to view the entire Team Building programme in the video capture.
- Steven Wong, Comstor

It was a pity that it rained on the first day and we were confined indoors. To make things more interesting, I suggest having a change the location within the resort for the different activities
- Goh Ser Tek, Sony

Have more Team Building activities that will require us to work together to solve a series of problem
- Sony

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed The Geocaching Challenge! It would be good to increase the length the programme to take into account the time it took for us to fully understand how to use the navigational tools
- Housing Development Board

Have more time allocated for the High elements.
- Soitec

The Team Building activities were pretty challenging and require loads of stamina. More water should have been provided in between stations too.
- Allianz

Try to have a variety of Team Building activities for the different session groups. Because those who participated in the earlier session were able to pass information to the later group during the lunchtime. As a result, the later group had an advantage.
- Chua Beng Tiong, Soitec

Have more activities that allows for greater team bonding.
- Vincent, Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

The lead facilitator should site some concrete examples on workplace problems and how they can be effectively addressed. Incorporate more humor and punch lines to make the discussion lighter.
- Marlon, Soitec

More challenging games would contribute more to the success. but overall the Team Building was fantastic! Good job to all the facilitators. Thanks for making us a better person.
- Bacardi

It would be great if we could have 2 outdoor activities rather than 1 game.
- Muhammad Shamsuddin, National Trades Union Congress, NTUC

Would be good to conduct the outdoor Team Building programmes in the morning to avoid the hot afternoon sun.
- Philips

Longer sessions for “The Laser Combat Challenge!”
- Marketing Institute of Singapore

I feel it would be more meaningful if the facilitators were to express what they themselves have learnt from us in the day’s Team Building session rather than repeating the objectives earlier written on the board.
- Steven Tang, (National Trades Union Congress) NTUC Club

Could have more Outdoor Adventures.
- Aris, Marketing Institute of Singapore

It would have been good to stretch the Team Building to 2 full days or even 3 days. This would allow a more steady growth as opposed to the relatively fast paced 1.5 programme.
- Shanmugam (Sham), Singapore Police Force

In my own personal option, I feel T-shirts would be more appropriate than cooking aprons for The Cooking Challenge! as I do not use an apron when cooking at home.
- Wai Fong, National University of Singapore

The afternoon section of the Team Building programme was a bit short and hurried. There was a bit of confusion as the facilitators instructions were not clear enough. To further enhance the The Cooking Challenge! competition more prizes or tokens should be given
- National University of SIngapore

Perhaps lengthen the Team Building to 2 days in order to further strengthen the team bonding experience and give the teams something exciting to anticipate the following day.
- CapitaCommercial Trust Management Limited

Some suggestions: Have more facilitators to cater to larger groups, include more Seasports and have a campfire at night.
- Kimberley, Emerson

Install some hooks in the showering rooms for participants to hang their clothes.
- Sinapore Police Force

For a more fruitful Team Building session, I suggest more outdoor activities and higher rope course challenges.
- Keith Yuen, Singapore Workforce Development Agency

Was disappointed that the rain cut short our outdoor Team Building programme. It would be good to have a contingency plan like other indoor activities to replace the outdoor ones instead of shortening the whole session.
- Angie, Emerson

Provide better food and more space areas for meal breaks
- National University of Singapore

Would be good to improve on the toilet facilities.
- Central Provident Fund Board

My colleagues and I really enjoyed the Team Building programme. It would be also good to provide a light meal like fried bee hoon and coffee/tea rather than just fruits as we were all hungry by mid-day.
- Roslyn Kang, Singtel

Would love to have a longer and more challenging session of Team Building and better changing facilitities.
- Insead

Would love have a celebration at the end of the Team Building, maybe a disco party or Karaoke? Thank you so much for the Team Building. See you guys next time! God Bless and more Power!
- Captain Normandy A. Legaspi, Masterbulk

It will be useful if detailed observation on participants were captured, allowing for more tangible focus points to discuss on and highlight areas for improvements. The discussion/feedback made during the session was general therefore may not generate the optimal result/effect for each individual.
- Jet Lim, Neptune Orient Lines