Employee Engagement Programmes

We have done a couple of employee engagement surveys for some organisations and found that the scores were lower than pre-pandemic.


To bring back the scores up, we have curated programmes for employees to participate in and do certain activities that allow them to get their minds off daily tasks.


By allowing employees to do something different, there are two benefits:

  1. Employees can see the Outsight world and get some new ideas by doing something entirely different from their day to day work routine
  2. Employees can have a bigger picture just by taking their mind off a particular task to appreciate and apprehend the task better.


Activities employees can sign up for individually or as a group:

FA_SUP Course FA_SUP Rental FA_Kayak Course FA_Kayak Rental FA_PPCDL Course FA_DISC FA_Resilient Parents and Parenting workshop FA_The Resin Making FA_The Mentorship Programme The Leadership Challenge


With a minimum programme sign up organisations can enjoy these great rates