Designing Interactive virtual learning for synchronous and asynchronous learning

Course Objectives

The course designed for individuals in the training industry creates learning in an interactive way to increase participation from learners. By infusing multiple platforms, the course participants will walk away with skills to learn how to marry different media together to create learning courses that best suit their audience.


Who is the course for:

  1. Practitioners of instructional designs
  2. Trainers
  3. Learning managers
  4. Facilitators
  5. Adult educators


Course content:

Day 01

Module 1 – Introduction and fundamentals of instructional designs

Module 2 – Introduction to the design platforms, including Articulate 360, Canva and Glide

Module 3 – Logical design thinking sequence introduction and Basics of course creation

Module 4 – Basics of Canva designing tools

Module 5 – Basics of Glide designing tools

Module 6 – Basics of Articulate 360 designing tools

Module 7 – Bringing three tools together to create a course content

Module 8 – Advanced tool relationship design and management, including integrating other platforms (Paperforms, Google suites, Youtube videos)

Module 9 – Use cases and application

Module 10 – LMS and LXP platforms

Day 02

Module 11 – Introduction to organisation learning needs and customised course designs

Module 12 – Actual contraption and design of interactive learning course


Course materials:

  1. An individual learning platform that has step processes on each designing tool
  2. One working file of a market-ready instructional design course


After course sales:

  1. Customised learning course design
  2. Test marketing course designs
  3. Advanced learning for each designing tool